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zendrum/td20/muse connection question

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hi all

i am in the process of deciding on the purchase of another sound module (currently using a d4)..

in consideration is a td20 - i have had a roland td20 kit so the intimidation factor is near zilch..  and the td20 has 8 outs (for independent control of 8 sounds - kick, sn, hh, tomLeft, tomRight, ride, crash1, crash2.. ) i like that flexibility..

but then there is the muse with all its great sound banks available - i now hear john e is putting out a unit that is all set up for zdrumming - great news and eliminates my major concern for that approach - intimidation

but does the muse have the same (or similar) individual outs so as to allow for independent control of those sounds??

john - when will  it be available and how much $$$

sounds wonderful..

bob casale
riverside, ri

john emrich:
We are looking at having the new version of the Receptor up and for sale in the middle of November.  The price of the unit will be around $2999.00.  Keep in mind that the price includes a Receptor that has been loaded with 2 gig of RAM  and a 160 gig drive (larger drives are available), the BFD Engine, and the Jazz & Funk and Percussion expansion packs.   A Receptor is normally priced at $1699, add $400 for the RAM and $800 for the software.   A fully loaded vdrum kit comes in at around $5000.00, and I'll put my Zendrum/Receptor up against that anytime.

The unit will be loaded with presets to helps you get started, and we will have video tutorials for additional help.  We plan on using our full video production studio for addressing questions and topics with video tutorials.  We will also have videos on installing the other BFD expansion packs, since each one is a little different.  To me, that will be better than just a post on a forum.  When you add up all of these features and the cost involved with getting the products, you will see that this is a realistic price.

I wish that this approach was cheaper to get started, but when you factor in the cost of future upgrades (software is cheaper than a new module) you can see that it will even out in the end.  The big difference is that this system is not limited to the box itself.  How many times have you heard about a promised upgrade by leading manufacturers, only to be disappointed, time and time again. 

My main goal is to share things that I have been developing with the edrumming community.  As Zendrummers, we embrace new things better than most.  If the entire community can grow, we will all be better off!

Hope this helps,


thanks for the reply so quickly.. if  this muse/bfd combo comes with a.) presets for the zen (helps reduce the learning curve) and b.) with all the documentation you are referring to, and if any of that documentation is related directly to the zendrum - then it is  well worth it.. i will have  to start  saving my pennies.. please keep us all  posted as to the status of  your muse project...

also, is there a  way to get multiple outs fromthe muse  (like the td20) so you can record separately - the individual sounds -  to gain more  control in a postproduction environment??

thanks again

bob casale

john emrich:
The Receptor has an adat out.  Combined with the analog outs you can have 10.  You can also use what is called Unwire, which is kind of like Rewire.  You can have the Receptor show up as a VST instrument in your DAW and send MIDI and Audio back and forth via a crossover connection!



      I think you need to create a new title and make John Emrich the "Tribal Wizard".



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