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Finally taken the plunge - excited!

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So I finally have a Zendrum on order (Dark Crimson ZX to be precise). Cant wait to get my hands on it. Wondering how the learning curve will be. As people say, its not a drumkit and you have to approach it differently. Im very interested in using it for loop/sample triggering and doing stuff other than drums. Look forward to getting to know some of you folks in the future! Just hope my playing abilities will do justice to the instrument.



When's your due date?

Looking at a couple of weeks i think. Will be sure to post a pic of my new "baby" when it arrives  ;)


Congrats.  You will be happy.  If you're going to be using software that's new to you with your Zendrum, you might want to be familiarizing yourself with it before your instrument arrives.  You might want to download the BFD2 demo, for example.   When my Zendrum arrived I plugged it in to a module & started rocking out right away, but I've gradually migrated to software, and the tweakability factor is significant.  So if you're going to be using software, you might want to get started tweaking even before your Zendrum arrives - just to get a feel.    This would give you a jump on the learning curve if you're going software with your Zendrum.

welcome to the tribe


Thanks timecutter but ive got that sorted. I already use BFD2 on a receptor with a roland kit. Im thinking of picking up a cheap drum machine mainly for practice purposes and to keep portable but the receptor will be my main rig. The latency is excellent as opposed to running a laptop  ;)



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