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Thanks for watching and for the kind words!  Yes, I have a very specific setup for pads that has varied very little since my first day of Zendrumming back in 1997.  Here's the basic setup (my latest ZX has a bunch of extra pads, so I won't list them... these are the regular-position pads).  Locations given from player's perspective as if you are wearing the ZX on a strap:

LEFT EDGE (top to bottom)
bass drum
snare drum
tom 1 (hi)
tom 2
tom 3

BOTTOM EDGE (player's left to right)
tom 4
crossfaded congas (mute, bass, tone, slap, with shaker layered on all hits)
snare drum
toms 1-4

TOP ROW (L to R)
cross stick
china cym
crash cym
splash cym
bass drum

bar chimes
closed HH
open HH
ride cym
ride bell
crash cym

My 6 extra pads contain:
cowbell (crossfaded tip to mouth)
HH 1/2 open
HH pedal
electronic clap
rim shot
HH closed (for left hand)

Also, in that set of videos I was using a Muse Receptor running BFD 1.5 through 2 Bose L1 pa's as a stereo pair.  That was my last gig with that setup... I now run BFD2 on a MacBook Pro.  If you saw my videos from the "Live at Music Villa" show, that was with the Mac setup, but no Bose... we used house sound.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for that detail, much appreciated. I was trying to write and tell you my setup, but the forum is not working right for me. Somehow when I type, as soon as I fill the window and my words go below the bottom of the page, I get the entire paragraph "jumping" up as I type, so I can briefly see the letters I am typing, then the paragraph drops down below the bottom of the window once again. I can't really see what I am typing as the words go below the screen. Once that issue gets resolved I'll write more, but for now I am confined to whatever fits in the window I can see! I am going to play with my zendrum tonight and see how your setup goes when I plug it into one of my setups. Should be fun to try it out.


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