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BFD2 Oak Kit: $50 well spent!


Hey BFD2 users,

Just thought I'd share: I just bought BFD2's new Yamaha Oak expansion kit (download from fxpansion for $50) and the toms are KILLER.  If you like open, resonant drums (I do!) then definitely get it.  There are 5 toms from 10" to 16", and a bass drum (haven't tried that yet).  The included bamboo snare is OK, but the snares-off samples are really good too.

Also, I loaded the top 4 toms (10, 12, 13, 14 floor) and tuned each of them up about 3 semitones, and it's a great set of jazz toms.  Very musical tones, high pitch without choking, and VERY dynamically realistic.

I also bought the new BFD2 Jex drum kit... details to follow once I have used it a little.


john emrich:
One thing to point out......

The bamboo snare included in this pack is a lite version.  You might want to
use a little velocity to amplitude.  Once we get up to speed with all of the download sets there will be a couple of Yamaha snare packs available as full size drums.  Some of the new snare samples are just a little too large to include with the sets.



Yeah, I knew that snare had limited vel layers... thanks for posting here too though!  To clarify, the sounds of the snare are fine; just not my sound (I love the snares-off sounds though).  I am really interested in making a Hot Rods kit of these drums, but haven't gotten around to it.



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