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Z4 Retrofits for Existing Zendrums

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Hi dkaleita (and all),

I had my Zendrum refitted last week, while I was away on vacation. I spoke with Dave a couple of times beforehand on the phone, and received pictures of several different layouts that others had done with new trigger pads. I opted for the same layout as Jer (Zendrumdude), with the Z4 board, 6 new triggers, cc volume control knob (and yes, it does work with my Roland TD-10..woohoo!), and Midi jet internal wireless.
The entire process from shipping to receiving it back was fabulous. I was not in a rush to get it back as I had some time off. The zendrum arrived home before my vacation was over, and when I got home I anxiously began testing.


It is really so much more responsive. I put all of my settings back in as I had them, but I am going to change my entire set up on several channels as I now have so much more capability, being able to use different channels, new triggers, etc. I had a gig last night (Saturday) and it was very well received. I went wireless, and that was a hoot! I was able to stand out in front of the riser and listen to the mix like never before. I could actually wander around the room! There is so much less clutter with no wires. And, I felt.....unfettered!

We had some professional video, audio and stills being done gratis, I haven't seen them yet. (A fiddler who sits in with us is also a professional videographer) I will post here when I get a look-see.

All in all, I feel every penny spent for this upgrade is well worth it... and more. Dave is very 'reachable', I don't think you can get any better customer service. I had a few questions that were easily answered via email, and could have called if needed. I may still have to as I go along this new learning curve, but truthfully, it's really not all that difficult once you get the hang of it. The new instruction booklet is pretty self explanatory.

I am looking forward to really getting into it over the next few months. the only limitations I can see on the horizon, is me!



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