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Z4 Retrofits for Existing Zendrums

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Inspector 109:
Hello Everyone!
On May 1st we announced the Zendrum Z4 series circuitboard as standard in all new Zendrums beginning June 1st. Orders are queuing up quickly for new instruments which we expect to begin shipping during the first week of June 2009.

We’ve also had an enthusiastic response to the Z4 retrofit for 3.0 Zendrums with 4-way cursor OS ($400), as well as Datawheel OS 2.2 and 1.5 Zendrums ($600). There is also the possibility to add up to 6 extra triggers ($30/each), as well as up to 2 extra ¼” input jacks ($30/each) for new continuous controller pedal functionality.

If you choose to do this upgrade and send your Zendrum back to us for the retrofit, we do not want you to be without your Zendrum for very long. Therefore, retrofit orders will be taken on a first-come/first-serve basis with pre-payment now to secure your place in line.

Each retrofit will be customized to your specific requests. Please contact David Haney at Zendrum orders@zendrum.com to discuss the details of your retrofit. We will arrange the quickest turn-around time, confirm shipping arrangements, and calculate the total for your work order and shipping your Zendrum back to you. As soon as we have itemized all the details we will send you an order summary for your confirmation, approval and pre-payment.

There are three ways to make your pre-payment:
1)   Money order or cashier’s check for domestic/US orders only
Remit payment to:
Zendrum Corporation
P.O. Box 5907
Douglasville, GA 30154
2)   PayPal: Send payment to orders@zendrum.com
3)   Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover): Send your credit cardnumber and expiration date to orders@zendrum.com  If you prefer to place your credit card order by phone please email us with your telephone number and the best time to call you back or leave a message on our voicemail line 404-352-1646

Since every retrofit is a custom order you MUST discuss specifics with David Haney and agree to all retrofit details and shipping arrangements BEFORE you send your instrument to us.

Thank you!
David Haney

Since this is a new circuit board  I am assuming that the mapping that we now have in our Zendrums will be lost? Can you confirm this.  I am strongly suggesting that when we send in our Zendrums that you back up all your settings.  COPY YOUR MAPS. Thumper

Inspector 109:
Thank you for the heads up reminder.
If you have created custom mappings, you should always write them out on paper no matter where they are stored and backed up electronically.
You'll also have a new serial number embedded in the new Z4 circuitboard so that updated information will be in our files and on your final receipt.

Inspector 109:
Hey Tribe,
Just wanted to post again and say the retrofits are going very well and I'm very enthusiastic about the response from all you "Zendrum veterans" who understand the differences in the the new Z4. We're past the startup rush now and things are moving smoothly through here every day. It's a trip down memory lane and very inspiring to see the old warhorses get a new lease on life, but also great to see how well they've held up all these years and how far we've all travelled together. Let me know when you're ready for the next step forward in Zendrumming.

Hi everyone.  Just a quick note to say that my road trip was a safe and fun trip and that I am back home . I had arraigned an appointment with the Inspector to retrofit both of my ZX's with the new Z4 circuit board and to add a couple of triggers. I figured that the shipping charges would help cover some of my gas cost and I would get away for a couple of days and get to meet David and Gina as well as have the retrofit done. They are the most pleasant people that you would ever meet and they work hard to help all of us further our journey with our Zendrums. It was very enjoyable visiting with them and after a little discussion we were able to place where I wanted to have my extra triggers placed. When I came back after the retrofit was completed I found my Zendrum's polished and looking like they were brand new again. David and Gina both made  me feel at ease and you more than likely not find this kind of customer service anywhere else. They go out of their way to try and help and they really care. I have not had time to play my Zen yet, but I expect to have some time today and will post some of my observations as soon as I have some. We should start talking about a Zendrum get together. I think that it could be a lot of fun and a learning experience for us. When I was at the headquarters David let me play his Zendrum a little. I was a little more than lost with his trigger setup. It would be interesting to have some of our triggers maps posted to see what others have done. Anyway enough for now. Thank you David and Gina.  I appreciate you getting me back on the road as soon as you all did. Happy Zenning Thumper


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