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I really enjoy having my new ZX; however, I would enjoy it more if I knew how to program using MIDI.  Maybe I am too ambitious.  As an old school guitarist, I have not used MIDI devices.  I have a DM5 and a EMU Orbit that I thought I could use, and then send the signal to an effects device.  I thought I could read the MIDI maps, and made a few attempts (3 hours worth now, with manuals).  I guess my medication is starting to wear off too (lol).  Anyone with any ideas out there?  Your thought's are greatly appreciated. ???  (It does work fine with just the DM5, but I wanted to have a fuller sound).

jeff sanders:
i put my alesis and my roand modules through a peavey kosmos pro. theres a new peavey kosmos2 thats cheaper in price but newer in design id suggest comparing them in person with your module. it really fattens up the drums clarifies cymbals and enhances the image of the sound.  its a 1 rack space hardware. it has high and low-z input/outputs, a dedicated subwoofer output with separate sub level control, spdif in/outs.
heres a link



Thanks Jeff.  I'll ckeck it out.

I too have used the DM5 and Emu modules together. I currently have the Emu Planet Earth.

Emu sometime does some strange things with their note mapping. Have a look at the General MIDI note map on the Zendrum resource site. Each drum will have it's own MIDI note number. Bass drum is usually 36.
What you will need to do is make sure those note numbers are the same in each sound module. With my Emu this is sometimes tricky cause they will transpose the numbers to get different sounds. Not sure if the Orbit works the same way but it's possible. In any case you will still need to make those MIDI note numbers the same.

I hope this makes sense and helps.

Good evening, I currently have an EMU "Pro-Cussion" module, which I experimented with but set aside due to the confusion for me trying to figure out assigning drums sounds to midi notes, etc.  The whole EMU way of doing things I found to be difficult. If you have the means, look on ebay and pick up an ALESIS DM-PRO. They are usually going for $300 + or - .  It is VERY USER FRIENDLY.  cannot say enough good stuff about it. I have two. One in my main rig and another for smaller shows, where the whole "ensemble" is not needed.  Just my $.02 , Take care and stay safe, Mark


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