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jeff sanders:
heres a song i made yesterday afternoon for a vocal track. theres a contest you can enter if you like. there are some really good versions but most entries are overcomplicated, over effected, over produced. i made an old fashioned simple trio of drums bass and piano that leaves the vocalist out in front where she belongs instead of dragged through the electronica mishmash.


Hey Jeff,
I like "your" mix of this song because of the "simplicity."  To me, it is a better match with her voice.  I agree with you, in that her voice belongs out front.  Thanks for sharing your collaborative creativity with us.  Nice work!

jeff sanders:
hey thanks for the nice words. its cool they offer a professional vocalists tracks for others to play with. also a great way for them to get free ideas/work from over 200 people.

if anyone else is into the contest please post a link. i enjoy the many takes and styles of production.

keep making music all




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