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My band, The Spoony Bards.  We mostly cover video game and anime soundtracks.  We just set up a YouTube account a while ago, but there's more at our website and on YouTube itself.  Enjoy!


Tom Roady:
They needed to talk to you...you have a much more interesting instrument than the Electric violin....only suggestion for the next video.....get a betrter place to be seen on stage! Go Chicago band!!! I played my first Zendrum gig with the Freddy Jones band there new years 1994/95  "the mayor"

jeff sanders:
man i dunno any of those games but the songs sounded good. im a diablo 2 guy. ive spent way too much time on battle.net playing that game.

cool band and great gig!


--- Quote from: Tom Roady on February 02, 2009, 12:24:00 PM ---only suggestion for the next video.....get a better place to be seen on stage!

--- End quote ---

Yeah... I tend to stick to the back corner... old habits die hard I guess.  The stage for that gig was really crowded, we just crammed ourselves in however we could.  I was more concerned with people hearing me than seeing me.  I figured the camera could pick up whatever the eye didn't. :)

Great job on Still Alive. Definitely the best video game of last year :) From a video game fan I'm enjoying them.

Keep the videos coming!


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