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Author Topic: I need some real general information  (Read 2041 times)


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I need some real general information
« on: December 29, 2008, 07:20:08 PM »

My wife has so lovingly decided to buy me a Zendrum for my b-day in march. But before she (we) make this big purchase I wanted to know a couple of basic things since I am clueless when it comes to midi and the like.

1. I have a Yamaha S90 (which is very similar to the Motif) which has great drum sounds. Will this be able to be controlled by the Zendrum, as if I was using the keyboard keys?

2. If I purchase a foot trigger, like the fatkat, is this trigger programmed the same way the other 25 Zen finger triggers are. In other words will I be able to access all the Yamaha sounds with the foot trigger as well?

Any input is appreciated


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Re: I need some real general information
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2008, 07:39:58 PM »

Hey Javajive,
Yes, if the keyboard or module has a MIDI IN, the Zendrum can trigger its sounds.
Just a matter of assigning the Zendrum to the proper MIDI channel.
Drums are usually on MIDI channel 10, whereas the keyboard sounds are usually on channel 1 or 3.

Yes the FAT Kat pedal is the right one to use, and you can plug it directly into the Zendrum's external input and program the note/sound it sends just like the other triggers. If thats a kick drum, chances are it will be note number 36 C1.

Hope this helps!
David Haney
Zendrum Corporation
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