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Author Topic: receptor/828mk3  (Read 1401 times)


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« on: September 30, 2008, 10:06:28 AM »

hi does anyone have any experience with the following problem.  i want to take the 8 adat  out channels in receptor and connect them into the 8 adat in channels of a motu 828mk3.  does anyone know how to do this.



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Re: receptor/828mk3
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2008, 07:51:02 PM »


I guess I should introduce myself first. This IS my first post on the forum. Inspector 109 gained my confidence very quickly over the phone and all of the kind words I read on the forum convinced me to order a ZX. I can't wait. I've been a drummer since I was about 12, (which occured in the 80s) :), but when I receive my zendrum it will have been the first time to see one live and in person. I live just outside Ann Arbor, MI and I'm currently working on a solo act where I will layer synths with an Akai EWI. Sometimes over backing tracks, sometimes live looping, sometimes a little of both. I'm imagining the zendrum will make a great addition to that performance. I've got the Sonic Couture Hang Drum library, XLNAudio's Addictive Drums, and a Roland XV-5050 with the dynamic drums expansion as sound sources.

Enough about me.... I really hope I can give back to the forum a little. I've been reading everything, but this is the first time I think I might be able to help someone else.  :)

I don't have a receptor, but I do have a motu 828mk3 and I've used it with adat mic preamps.

You'll need to connect the two devices with an adat cable like this:


then you'll need to go into the Motu Audi Setup app where you'll be able to enable the adat in (A or B)

The final step will be telling the two units which is the master clock and setting a sample rate. If you want to use the Motu as the master, you may need to connect the two units via s/pdif - out of the motu into the receptor - so that the receptor will receive a clock signal to sync to. Also, in order to use all eight outputs from the receptor, you'll have to stick with 48k or below as a sample rate. If you feel like you need 96k (very few situations benefit from this much bandwidth usage), then the motu can only handle 4 inputs on one adat cable.

Then you're swingin!!

Your Adat inputs will appear just like your analog inputs in cuemix fx and you can send them out to any or all of the outputs you want.

The mk3 is an excellent choice if you need a lot of i/o. I've used it with 16 channels of adat, stereo s/pdif and most of the analog all at the same time with some level of dsp being used on every channel, and it handles it with total grace on my macbook.

I hope this helps you. Best of luck!!

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