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Author Topic: Finger Techniques  (Read 101 times)

Mr. Wayne

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Finger Techniques
« on: December 27, 2015, 01:16:25 PM »

This is a progress report on what finger techniques work best for me on my EXP.  The most comfortable way for me to play is using the SLAP & POP technique used by funk bass guitar players.  Using my right hand, the thumb plays the bass drum and the middle finger plays the snare. I practice this technique playing a combination of inverted paradiddles and various other syncopation patterns. All my ride patterns are played with my left hand. Alternating my middle finger and my index finger I'll play the downbeats with the middle and the upbeats with the index. This also works great with my open and closed hi-hats.
The other main technique that works well for me is the ONE HANDED GROOVE. Using my right hand, the thumb plays the bass drum, the index plays the snare and the middle finger plays the ride patterns. These are usually simple patterns (1/4 note or 1/8 note) but when a variation is needed I'll use my left hand middle finger or index finger to add any bass drum, snare drum or ride cymbal notes (1/16th).
So far this is what 's working for me and I'm having a Blast.
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