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Author Topic: one handed zenning  (Read 1750 times)


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one handed zenning
« on: August 29, 2008, 04:59:38 PM »

Hello all, just thought I'd share my metamorphisis over the past few months... Battery 3 is sorta workin out, still can't figure out midi numbers and placings, but I have found an instructional dvd on Battery 3 that should really help.. will do a review when I get it. so now my live set up is as follows: right hand with stick plays the Roland spd-20, and the left hand plays the Zendrum, I also use a bass pedal going thru the Roland. People go nuts when they see this setup... the Roland is clamped to a heavy duty music stand... Zendrum is velcroed to a synth stand that I have custom reworked... Zendrum can be removed and slung on in a couple of seconds.. now for my question, on some of the Roland sets, the Zendrum drum set sounds stay the same on the left, however pads on the right some times mimmick the chordal sounds put out by the Roland ? If any one could help me put 23 sounds from the Roland into the Zen for a set up I would really be thankful, I will include a few pictures of this bad boy in a couple of days, scvkiltie


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Re: one handed zenning
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2008, 08:41:21 PM »

Quite a setup - how about posting a picture? 

rock on!



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Re: one handed zenning
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2008, 04:54:02 AM »

Avast Thar Matey,

     The Roland Midi Map does not utilize all 127 midi note numbers.  A small issue when dealing with Roland.  I do not use an spd-20.  I use a TD-20.  On the TD-20 I have tweaked my right and left hands so that they resemble a standard acoustic kit.  I have managed to fill up all of the pads on my Zendrum with sounds.  Of course changing the rotary dial on the TD-20 changes the sounds based upon the Roland library. If I have programmed a pad that doesn't use a Roland midi note number, of course I get no sound at all.  There is an excellent video somewhere on this site that shows David Kucherman doing some one handed grooves.  Hope this helps.

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Re: one handed zenning
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2008, 10:00:42 AM »

I am not sure,  but I dont think you can have 23 different sounds from a SPD-20. with 3 external pads and the 8 internal pads I think that you can have 22 since there is a A/B layering and you maybe can have different midi notes for each sound. I have several of my sounds duplicated for right and left hands making it easier to play sixteenths and ghost notes. EX High hat, bass drum and snare are in several places so I dont need to have all 22 different . I also like the layering feature as I have mapped a bass drum with my crash cymbals which makes for me easier to play.  With the SPD-20 you have 99 different setups so one of the things I have learned is once that you have your Zendrum Mapped to match the Pads on the SPD-20 what I do is copy the SPD-20 setup to a different patch number and then edit it for different drums-percussion that way your midi notes will still match your Zendrum setup. It is all very confusing but once it is set up the way you like then it is done, and you will be tweaking new sounds forever. Remember that the Zendrum also has 16 different maps so be careful in that you make notes so you can go back and restore what you have already done  should you make a mistake. I have one main Zendrum Map for playing with my band and about 4-5 different drumsets Rock,Country,Brushes, are my main sets then I copied them to other patches and changed just the percussion sounds for different songs. I hope this helps more than confuse you more. Thumper
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