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How to use my laptop instead of my DM5


My name is Robert, and after playing and touring for over 20 years, and after several back surgeries, I have been left with less than 5% use of my legs. This being said, I'm truly blessed to be alive, and grateful that I can still be productively active in music. I am on the board of directors of a non-profit (501c3) Corporation - "Music in Motion", that puts on FREE seminars for disabled children, featuring the Zendrum, and giving hope. I purchased my Zendrum 2 years ago, and have been using it with a DM5, however when I purchased it, Dave told me that he used his laptop with better, more realistic sounds. Is there anyone who can tell me specifically how to do this with step-by-step instructions. I have Acid Pro 6.0 and a couple drum libraries to work from, I would be very grateful for any help in this matter. I don't have the funds to purchase any other software, so, if there is a way to use the Acid Pro, I could really use some help. I spoke with an engineer that said that there may even be a freeware program that is available, but, I'll trust you, my fellow Zendrummers for the scoop. You can contact me at: studio@r4gstudios.com , or (678) 677-5643

Thanks & God Bless,
Robert White

jeff sanders:
first off, bless you for working with the kids.

have you a midi interface? you will need a way to get the midi from the zen to your acid program. $20 u.s. will get you a basic usb to midi cable. there are many drum software applications that offer demos to try out. bfd2 demo is releasing very soon i was told in their forums. considering your involvement with non-profit organization it would seem once you decide on a preferred application you may be eligible for a discount if not a complimentary copy in exchange for product promotion at your charitable venues.

i too am very interested in moving away from hardware modules and using the ever improving soft synths. im not familiar with acid pro but others here might. luckily you have access to an engineer. the transition from simple hardware 'plug and play' to complex software 'plug and pray' is not for the mere layman. the primitive functionality of the zen is its achilles heel. many ask about update status but updates are quickly dismissed as rumors.

it would seem your organization should carry the clout to get preferential support from all companies involved. it is in everyones interest to help children.

keep up the great work
good luck


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