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Hello to the world of the Zen 8)
It is so good to have this forum back; and so sophisticated. Nice work!
I just wanted to check in and help start building the energy back up. For Zendrummers who are interested in using the instrument for more than just drums IE melodic and compositional applications you can check out my Myspace site here: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=60141044 The song "Om Pioneer" was composed completely on the Zen minus a few keyboard necessities. The instrument is amazingly versatile not to mention chimpanzee doing back flips fun.
Let me know what you think...Best of all worlds....

john emrich:
You might also want to check out Spirit of the Drum.  There are a couple of clips at my web site.

This CD was also composed and recorded with the Zendrum in real time.


When MP3.COM was for indies, I had 2 CDs out that were only Zendrum and vocals.  They did fairly well.  Although I was using some real primitive samples and such.

Am I correct to say everything was multi track recorded? Keys on one pass and drums on the other etc?


john emrich:
As for my CD, yes it was done to multi track


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