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I'm thinking of going wireless with the midi-jet pro. Everything that I read encourages me to go ahead. Any cautions or warnings? Also, the product lit indicates that it is all inclusive. Do I need the battery merge box? Is there anything else that I need to purchase?

You need either the battery merge box or the internal 9V mod done by Zendrum.

Warning: always change your batteries before a show.  Use used ones to practice, but ALWAYS get new ones for a show.  And know your range.  And avoid wandering among drunks.

Is that the Kenton product or is there another one?  I remember there was one on the Yahoo group that was discussed some weeks ago.


I have the Midijet Pro and it has worked well for me. You absolutely need the battery box from Chris dehaas. Unless you do the mod as Goe indicated but that requires sending in your instrument.  It was good I spoke with the Inspector before I went out and played because the midijet people told me I didn't need anything else but the midijet pro to go live. This was "not the case" . I emailed them and told them to not tell any more Zendrummers this misleading information. You need the battery box, but then you are good to go.  One thing you need to keep in mind is you are going to go through a lot of batteries.  It is good to make sure you have extras but change often if you are gigging regularly.  I had mine go dead on me mid song. I thought I had pulled something loose, but with a battery replacement I was back up and playing.  Lucky for me I also play e drums as well at gigs so I just sat down to finish the set. The thing is, it did not crackle or anything it went booming tom fills to nothing in an instant.  New batteries and I was back up and mobile for the next set. And although it's not like you have to remove a bunch of screws, it does take a bit of time (3-5 minutes) to change batteries.


Doc, sorry to hear about your problems. My experience with patchman music was a good one.  Anyway...  The MIDI Jet PRO ROCKS!!!  I was able to walk about the rom I played in.   I was about 75 - 100 ft from the stage, listening to the room, and it worked very well.  Make sure you get the  battery box, or send the ZEN ou for the mod.  I am using the battery box with good results.  Take care and stay safe, Mark


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