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how can i trigger 2 different types of sounds at once (bass and drums)?

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hi all

love the new forum site - looks cool..

im new to this and currently i have a zendrum connected to an alesis d4..  a muse receptor with john e's plugins is somewhere down the road for me, but in the interim, is there an easy/inexpensive way to set some of the z's pads to trigger bass guitar tones, while using the rest for drum kit sounds??

or do i have to wait for the muse to accomplish this?  (im assuming the muse will do it - is that a valid assumption?)

thanks to all in advance.

bob casale
riverside, ri

There's different ways to do this

1) Create a kit where some tones are bass, some are drums.  I don't have a D4, so I'm not aware if your current module has the editing capability.

2) Use multiple modules, where note X triggers a drum in module A, and silence in the other, while note B triggers silence for the drums and a vass note in the other ( of course they really don't have to be exclusive).

As I read all of the techno stuff, I just wonder if there are others, like me, that keep everything as basic as possible. I just enjoy making the zendrum sound like drums. Of course, I do enjoy doing the things that are unique to this drum and I greatly appreciate the fact that I no longer have to look at the butts of the rest of the band.

john emrich:
If you can afford an Alesis D5 or DMpro, you could stack sounds, like Geosphere suggested.  The programing is just like the D4.  You can also stack different sounds.  The cool thing about using another Alesis is that you can tune the sound that you chose.  It is also cheap!

And yes, the MUSE will do all of this... and a lot more.  But, it can be complicated.

Hope this helps,

thanks for the responses..  john e, do both the d5 and the dmpro have the bass guitar capability, if so, which is better.. thanks again..

bob casale

ps  im really looking forward to that next big sale to pay for the muse, etc....


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