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Author Topic: latency  (Read 2483 times)


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« on: April 14, 2008, 05:09:27 PM »

Hi there, im thinking of getting a LT. Unfortunatly i can't afford one of these turbo receptor thingies ( i cant even afford the LT yet). I've never drummed at allĀ  before, i was going to buy an spd-20 or one of the alesis control pads, but then luckily for me i discovered zendrum. Now i just love the idea of tapping using my fingers as it's so much more natural to me than trying to learn to use sticks. Anyway, I own an m-audio 2496 soundcard, and some drum software (stylus), but i may get stormdrum or bfd if there gunna be much better? But this is the thing, will i notice the latency with this 2496 soundcard and the zendrum? is this gunna be an issue?

edit: my pc is pretty nippy- core 2 duo e6600 @3.4, 2 gig ram etc (id get more ram but as im using win xp with the address space limitations, there wouldnt be much point as my gfx card and other stuff would steal about a gig off it)
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jeff sanders

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Re: latency
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2008, 12:24:52 PM »

theres alot of applications and other cycle robbing processes that may contribute to the delay before sound. in windows, oh man its been a long time, open the app that lets you see the active usage of your system resources. eliminate anything that is not related to your audio apps except necessary windows os stuff. turn of active desktop, screen savers, animated cursors, system sound events etc.  maybe make a startup audio option to boot only the needed stuff. i think that is msconfig at the run prompt. thats the basic deal but if you feel creative you can experiment loading apps in a different order to see if the comp works better that way too.
pro: it may help
con: you may spend a few hours experimenting and find nothings changed

you might try the forums of the computer you have and see what others posted about improving its performance.
p.s. just to be clear there is no latency in a zendrum, its in the audio turnaround that the delay exists.
good luck


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Re: latency
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2008, 11:02:21 AM »

With that sound card you should have ASIO 2.0 support, which means you should be able to get low latency at around 2ms (based on some reviews of that card)

As stated in the previous post you'll want to reduce the processes going on when using for playing with high quality sample programs like BFD. based on your specs your Windows OS probably allows you to crate different login profiles. So rather than gut all the programs out of you personal use windows, make a separate profile and make it load up just the barebones.


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Re: latency
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2008, 11:15:32 AM »

As I remember there is a problem of too short midi messages being sent for Stylus RMX.  I think there is a workaround but it is not ideal.  do a search on this forum for it.  You may want to go with other software.
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