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I am getting real phsched about taking raw sounds for creating ambiant and techno tracks and live beats.  NE1 else whose into or just zenning as a dj in general should hit me up

i also tun zen through akai2500 and have found some real cool combinations with the q slider knob which acts as a realtime adustment.  IF you take a static type noise and create a q slider link for tuneing .  It becomes scratcching for dummies, as i can emulate the sound of a turntable  with just a little rythm. real cool!

i am dieing to find a place out there full of sounds for the zenning dj.  I wish i new where techno producers conjured there noises from.

Hey man!

I'm kinda finding myself going down a similar road as you. I am using my zen with Ableton Live and Reason and trying to figure out how to control everything at once. Do you have any thing I can hear? Check out my website, it has some of my stuff on it. http://homepage.mac.com/funky_d/




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