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BFD - Laptop compatability issues

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Avast Thar Mateys,

       Aye have a Roland TD-20 and two laptops with BFD 2 installed.  Aye was running into some of the problems that you are experiencing, but Aye called upon Mr. Wizard (John Emrich) to assist me.  Ye have to look in yer settings and make certain that certain parameters are not set too high.  Aye be not familiar with Line 6, but Aye use a MOTU Midi interface as well as a Presonus USB to Midi Audio Interface.  After a parlay with Mr. Wizard, we figured out my sampling rate was too high, causing latency.  Aye also had me bit rate set at either 32 or 64 (can't remember anymore), but we set that to 8, lowered the sample rate and the latency went away.  He also suggested a get a decent DAW, such as Ableton or Studio One to run as a host for BFD.  My original laptop for this was an HP, Intel I5 with 4 Gbytes RAM and a 250 Gbyte Hard drive with a 1TB external using USB 3.0.  That seemed to wirk just fine, except that Aye couldn't manage to save any defined kits (Aye believe this is operator error).  Since then Aye have broken down, under extreme pressure from me shipmates here in the forum and purchased a macbook pro with an intel I5 and 8GB of memory connected to the aforementioned 1TB external hard drive using Firewire 800.  Using the Presonus audio interface and ASIO drivers, seems to provide a working solution, although Aye am still befuddled by the inability to save/recall kits that I design on a consistent basis.  Aye still prefer the TD-20 for its portability and ease of setup.  Once Aye figure this software thing out, Aye will probably switch to the computer way as routine.

     Another thought is that our fine folks at Zendrum have developed the Zendrumdrive.  A computer already rack mounted in its own travel case, with Battery 3 software and samples already loaded.  It has a Solid State Hard drive and starts instantly.  Truly a plug and play device and extremely portable.  Have a parlay with Inspector 109 and he will give you all the great details.

     Aye hope this helps.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


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