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Time goes by... The new Superbowl is coming up. I'm looking forward for your review of the past season and your thoughts about sunday! :-)


Hey Ingo,

Well, it sure was an interesting season. The matchup is between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. These are definately 2 of the best teams and it should be a great game. The Packers are slightly favored to win the game. Don't forget about the greatest commercials to be seen during the game. Hope things are good in Germany.



Thanks! Yes, everything is fine, here. Except: We don't see the great US-commercials, here. :-(


There are 10 teams that have been to the Super Bowl (in years shown) and lost each time:

Minnesota Vikings (0-4) 1970, 1974, 1975, 1977
Buffalo Bills (0-4) consecutively 1991-1994
Cincinnati Bengals (0-2) 1982, 1989
Philadelphia Eagles (0-2) 1981, 2005
San Diego Chargers (0-1) 1995
Atlanta Falcons (0-1) 1999
Tennessee Titans (0-1) 2000
Carolina Panthers (0-1) 2004
Seattle Seahawks (0-1) 2006
Arizona Cardinals (0-1) 2009

There are 4 Teams that have never played in a Super Bowl :

Cleveland Browns
Detroit Lions
Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars

i think the only two teams on here, Atlanta and Philly, are the only teams that have a shot at getting off this list for at least a while.

Hey Ingo,

Couldn't help responding to this older post, as we are coming up again to the Superbowl.  Being a New England Patriots fan, I am hoping we get to the big game once again. I have been a season ticket holder since 1992, and have gone to all the playoff games at our home field, but have not had the luxury of going to a Superbowl game, other than one, 1996, Patriots vs Green Bay Packers...um, not a good ending for our team I'm afraid!

Right now, the Patriots will play the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC, and the NY Giants play the SF 49'ers for the NFC. I'm fairly confident the Patriots will win their AFC game; the NFC is a toss up I think, however there are NO perfect teams here, all have flaws that could do them in, even my boys! I predict though, a rematch from 2007.... NY Giants vs NE Patriots. Except this time there will be no miracle "helmet" catch, and the Patriots will prevail!  Ah yes, revenge against Baltimore for ousting us so unceremoniously in 2009, and against the Giants for that dastardly 2007 SB loss! It just doesn't get any better, lol!



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