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A stupid question from Germany: Who will win the Superbowl on Sunday? I'll stay awake till Monday morning 4:00 AM to watch it.  ;)

Any suggestions?

Ingo - wants the NFL-Europe back!!!

Hello Ingo, You want the scoop on the Superbowl ? Well I will try to break it down for you. The New England Patriots are playing the New York Giants today. The Patriots are trying to make NFL history by winning a record number of games in a row for a season, 19, if they win today. They are a double digit favorite to win the game today, if you are betting man. It is my opinion that the Patriots will win the game today and by a good margin. They have proven that it is not just brawn and talent that wins games, but a higher level of intelligence that makes the difference. This Patriots offense is very imaginative and is so dangerous when it is on the field. The Giants will not have the answer for this BIG problem that they will have. Hope you will enjoy the game from where you are. You are welcome to come over and watch it with us if you want. We are having pizza, salad, pigs in a blanket, meatballs, and beverages. Feel free to come and make yourself comfortable. Don't forget to bring all of your Zendrums with you. You will be providing the halftime entertainment.  :). Have a nice day.  Mark

Hi Mark!

Thanks for the invitation! Unfortunately there is no flight to take me to Atlanta in time. :( Is beaming invented, yet? ;)

OK, so I'll take my fingers crossed for the Patriots. But otherwise... maybe it's more thrilling when the Giants will lead after the first half. So I'll support the Giants in the first and the Patriots in the second halftime. ;)

Have fun - hope you'll find another halftime entertainment!  ;D

Wow! I enjoyed the game. The last quarter changed it all. ;)


What a SHOCKER !!! I really was not expecting that. The bookies really had a good day. Very exciting game down to thye wire and the commercials were great.


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