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Not a drum it's NeKo

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retro surfer:
Not a drum but still pretty cool if you have not seen the Open Labs NeKo yet you need to.  A 6k slice of digital instrument of the future cool stuff a PC, DAW, instrument etc. etc. etc  :o


jeff sanders:
thats 1 awesome piece of gear!  windows OS environment is less than reassuring for my taste though. thanks for sharing
hope youre surviving the heat,  keep cool.  :)

It's $6K...

retro surfer:
I had heard about this in February or March and thought it sounded cool but 6 thousand dollars :o  I finally saw a beta or early model it was totally cool but for over 6 grand man it should have wheels on it!   I know I'm getting old but thats more than my first car cost.  they advertise that if you start figuring out all the things it can do it's a real bargain since it's a PC, a Keyboard, a DAW,  all of your insert gear and effects plus video controls they say it can replace well over ten thousand in equipment but Gulp a 6k keyboard is still steep. But who knows prices come down competition starts to happen I'd take one. 8)

$6000 and it's not even a Macintosh. What were these people thinking. I am always a bit wary of anything that has to operate on windows. I still firmly believe that Bill Gates is the antichrist. It does look like it would be tons of fun however. Too bad I ain't rich!!! Does anyone know if they plan on including a Mac based system in the future?



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