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ZenChat / Re: A very special Zendrum LT
« on: September 20, 2013, 07:01:42 AM »
Hi Mick,
Little time for Zendrumming of late.   I bought a yamaha DTX-multi 12 to get back to playing with sticks that meant the LT had been on th shelf for a long time (I even had it up for sale for a while but then decided that I couldn't bear to part with it).   I don't even play the Yamaha much these days since I am concentrating on my EWI4000s Wind controller more than anything else - though I have started to pick up my guitars again  after leaving them aside for too many years.   Last purchase was a Korg PadKontrol to see if I can emulate David Haynes on the drums (see youtube for what I mean).    Playing the PK makes you appreciate just what the LT has going for it in terms of sensitivity and ergonomics though - may get my rear in gear and get some practicing on the Zendrum again soon.
All the best.  If you are ever gigging down in Dublin let me know and I'll come out to hear you.


ZenChat / Re: A very special Zendrum LT
« on: September 10, 2013, 06:46:45 AM »
That is a wonderful post Mustang.  What a super legacy?  Glad to see it is going to be residing in Ireland too.

Tech Help / Re: EZ Drummer HiHat control
« on: May 08, 2012, 04:25:01 PM »
109,  I used to use EZDrummer with an FD8.  Someone on the vdrum forum posted that you need to use one of the midi keys further down to the left of the keyboard (outside of the standard midi GM drum protocol).  Somewhere down there is a note number that allows the use of CC to trigger the different articulations.
Caveat!  It was a long time ago I used EZD - and I am a bit bonkers, so the above may have been a dream (though somewhere in the grey matter it is lodged, and a search on vdrums.com may reveal the source).  Hope it works but if it doesn't I will do a search for it myself.

try this  for pointers:

ZenChat / Re: IMPORTANT: This Town Ain't Big Enough
« on: March 23, 2012, 04:17:50 PM »
Just adding my huge appreciation to the Tribal members that have contributed to the forum (and of course, to those that have kept it in the condition it has been maintained).  It has been invaluable in my experience of learning to use the Zendrum and associated peripherals.   You really feel part of a clan on here.  Very sorry to hear the news but do appreciate the level of work that goes in to keeping a forum clear of "the nutters" that want to ruin it. 
Thanks again - will migrate over to whatever platform you next use and see you over there.

I use the funk adpak and retro adpak all the time when practicing and playing live.   Switching kits is very fast.  Love the range of sounds with them.  Recently bought the Metal adpak and am messing around with it to get familiar with it.    Toms are deep and thunderous, kicks are suitably "clicky" and the snares add another option to the sound pallettte.  I think some of the cymbals in the Metal adpak have a really different sound to the other packs.  The only adpaks I don't play a lot at the moment are the jazz sticks and brush kits - but mainly because I don't play that genre too much as  yet.
Well worth the purchase price, in my opinion so far.

ZenChat / Re: An idea: the A-B Project
« on: August 04, 2011, 02:40:13 AM »
Drumwagon - thanks for the post.  I am looking at a small midi fader solution at the moment.
As an aside - I had a nanopad that I dropped and the midi connector broke.  i contacted Korg spares in the UK to get a new PCB but they said they didn't provide them (understandable perhaps due to the price of a new unit being so low).  I ended up resoldering it successfully to the board but i really like your hard-wiring option.  In hindsite, I would have done this too as a much more resilient solution.
PS the sensitivity of the nanopad was nothing like the Zendrum but it was a very mobile solution when called for.  Perhaps there is a niche for a mini-Zap!

Probably bad etiquette to reply to your own post but I have since bought all the AdPaks too (some off of ebay dealers that allowed you to make an offer on them -successfully I may add) and some from Audiomidi and Sweetwater as they came on sale.  Have to re-iterate - these don't have the same depth as SD2 kits but they are great fun to play.   The basic AD has so many variations of processing on the included kits that you can mess around for ages just for the fun of it.  The retro pack is super fun to play and fits nicely with music that requires that "retro" feel to it.  The jazz brushes and sticks kits add a new dimension of sound that is quite different to all the other kits I bought but adds another option to my palette (quite different to the nashville ezx brushes that I have already in SD2).  The funk pack is a blast and I have been playing the kits in this the most so far - really like it with a lot of genres.
If they are still on sale in any of the above locations they are well worth a look if you haven't opted for the Toontrack EZD or BFDEco route yet.


If you are looking at alternatives to BFD and Toontrack products Sweetwater have special AD offers on their website at the moment for electronic download.  Much cheaper than buying off of the manufacturers own webshop.  I have Superior 2.0 and would think that AD doesn't have the same "depth" and "breadth" of tweakability but it is very intuitive and comes with a ton of presets to get you going.  i suspect once you are playing with a band you won't notice the difference.
I don't bother adjusting Superior myself because it is all a bit above me so i rely on the Toontrack presets that you can buy to give me different sounding kits from the stock kit supplied with SD2.  i think AD gives you more options from the outset (and definitely more than EZDrummer).  Horses for courses but you may want to take a listen and see what you think.  Will map AD onto the Zendrum over the next few days but set up on my Handsonic was straightforward and intuitive.
The AdPaks are reduced too.
Just wanting to give something back to the community.

Tech Help / Re: Want to be able to power my Zendrum with a battery box....
« on: December 18, 2010, 03:07:02 PM »
Thanks for all the posts,.
For clarification, can the LT have an internal wireless midi option installled?  I thought it was just the ZX that could be upgraded.
Is anyone still using the the external battery box?  As an interim stage of going wireless, I could get the battery box first, run a long standard midi cable to the interface and play along that way.  Then, once I locate a cheap wireless midi unit I could get that to upgrade to wireless.  However, can anyone explain the connection schematic for a combined wireless / battery box combo?  How does the routing go from zen to wireless unit via the battery box?
An added element here is that the wirelss midi unit must be able to be used with my EWI4000S wind controller if possible so that I only have to buy one unit.  It looks lilke the MidiJet Pro is the likely candidate at the moment.
Thanks again for any shared experiences.


Tech Help / Re: Want to be able to power my Zendrum with a battery box....
« on: December 17, 2010, 02:20:04 AM »
Ok, thanks for clariying that for me.  I will no loner pursue the DIY route and will save my pennies (cents!).
Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the Tribe.
Much success for Zendrum and their followers in 2011!

Tech Help / Want to be able to power my Zendrum with a battery box....
« on: December 16, 2010, 08:51:48 AM »
...but don't want to pay out for a pre-produced one.
Is it out of bounds to talk about DIY projects on this forum?  I don't want to tread on toes or breach agreements with suppliers / Zendrum.
I am, however, an increasingly keen diy electronics hobbyist (nerd!) and am interested in building my own battery box.
Before I go any further with questions, etc - Inspector 109, what is the protocol around a forum discussion for something like this, please?


I don't have a Zendrum, but... / Re: The boss finally said YES!
« on: December 08, 2010, 12:54:37 PM »
Great news - and a great boss by the sound of it!
I use SD 2 as well and it is pretty straightforward to set up with a Zendrum (esp with the Z4 hardware).  SD2 has a learning curve though - you can tweak the living daylights out of everything, both sound parameter and control parameter-wise.  I have defaulted to mainly using presets that you can buy from Toontrack as starting points for the included Allaire Kit - they save so much time if you are not a drum recording guru.  However, you can adjust so much it pays to mess around a little.  I play it via Solo which is TT's standalone host and it works well.  Plugged-in as a vst in Sonar 8.5 is great too.
Each pad on the zen can be individually set for preference in playing style AND each kit piece on SD2 can be similarly adjusted = amazing flexibility for individual players.  You will love it.  There are deals out there at the moment whereby if you buy SD2 you get a free SDX add-on included - just search the net.
I also use Yellow Tools "Culture" which I recently purchased.  I previously used the Latin Percussion add-on from TT hosted in SD2 but having played Culture I prefer it.  Again, setting up with the Zendrum is straightforward and playing is very natural sounding.  There is a good range of percussion and industrial instruments to choose from.  One of my set ups has congas sending on midi channel 11, eggs on 12 and tambourine on 13 whilst changing to the next programme on the Zen allows me to play S2 on channel 10.  Great stuff!
However, Yellow Tools is a bit buggy, it's support is infamous for being poor (a polite euphemism indeed), the installation routine is complicated and tedious, the support is poor, the interface takes some learning and the support is poor!  You really take a risk with them possibly disappearing as a business since they appear to be  undermanned and under pressure.  I was willing to take that risk with the view that I may not get future support.  The sound  are great!
All the best.

Tech Help / Re: Software Arrrgghhhh
« on: November 30, 2010, 03:01:34 AM »
It sounds like a small step to getting it all working,
I use SD2 (and have used BFDlite, EZD, Battery and other drum vsti's with my laptop). 
To get you up and making some noise - start with Toontrack Solo again.   I know you have it working but it won't hurt to record it here for posterity (and other users).  And note that you will ONLY be able to play Toontrack products via the Solo interface - it won't host BFD etc.
- Open up Solo, you need to tell it where to find your files when you first open it ( a pop-up box appears - in the bottom half there is an option to set the path for your vst plugin for SD.)  Identify where your .dll file is for SD VST - if you let SD setup dictate where this was it may be under the directory on your drive for Toontrack, nestling in a subdirectory.  Alternatively, if you already have vst plugins you may have installed the .dll in there, so choose that as the option.
Solo opens with the default kit.  Now go to make your default midi & audio settings.
- Open the Midi dropdown menu at the top and select your controller.  Leave the channel set on Omni so it piicks up any midi input.
- Open the Audio tab.  Select your interfaces option (presonus).  For channels, stick with just 1+2 as the option, keeping it as simple as possible for now.  For latency settings, start with 512 and see how you get on.  You can gradually reduce it once you have some noises going on.  For the mixer, you can open up the interface and see that the mute button is not checked (it shouldn't be) and that the channel input is set to Omni still by clicking on the arrowed dropdown menu under the level meter.
If you hit on a pad, you should see the level meter changing and should hear a noise (but hit several pads to make sure that the trigger is assigned to a sound in Solo just in case).

Now for your vst host programme.
Open it up and look for the audio and midi preferences tabs.  Most have them in the "options" or "preferences" tabs somewher in the title bar.  Follow the same kind of logic that we have applied to using Solo above.  Ensure that midi input is set to omni wherever possible to start with.  In the audio settings, look for a description that includes your interfaces name and also indicates the output channels -remember what this says,
Open up your drum plugin.  With ezdrummer, when it is loaded, mouseclick on a drum pad and see if you hear any noise.  If yes, then you can try drumming on the zen.  if you still hear noise - happy days!. Configure your pads and dwell in sonic nirvana.
However, if you can hear noise when you click on a pad with your mouse but not when you play your zen then the plugin is not receiving midi siganls.  in the channel options that the plug in is inserted into, click on the midi tabs and make sure that they are set to receive midi throughyour midi interface and via the Omni setting.  Play the zen again - it should work now.
If you see the channel meter now moving but don't get any audio then the output for audio needs configuring correctly. In the channel strip options, there should be a setting to choose audio device and audio channels.  Make sure htese are set to the same settings that you configured for the host programme in the Main Preferences /Options pages..  now try again, you should now hear sound as you play your zen.
See how you go with this.  Save your setting with the project!
if this still doesn't work, don't give up.  Just exit the programme, reboot the pc and start your host programme again.  Some software is fussy and needs to be exclusively open to make things happen correctly.  Check all the above again and then try playing.
All the best - it will definitely be worth it in the end.  Persevere, me heartie!

Tech Help / Re: Novice needs help getting started...
« on: November 11, 2010, 10:15:15 AM »
Just as I mentioned deals on Toontrack products - Time & Space now have a special on:  Buy Ezdrummer and get the DFH EZX pack too for £89 sterling.  Great deal.  May not be available outside of Europe but I bet you can use it as a bargaining tool locally.

Tech Help / Re: Novice needs help getting started...
« on: November 10, 2010, 08:40:39 AM »
Don't forget that, if you go the Computer Host route, that there are lots of free samples out there that you can try.  They usually are in Soundfont format and would require a host prgramme but even some of these are free.  And also, try out the demos of any software that you may be interested in - it will help you to see if your system is up to the task (eg BFD, AD drums have demo kits).  There is also a lite version of BFD called ECO that is new that may be enough for your needs without going the whole package.
I used Toontracks EZdrummer for a year or so quite happily (with a few EZX add-ons).  it is light and day better than any drum modules I had heard prior to buying it.  There are regular deals on it (inc free EZX expansion packs) that run in the States so you can pick it up reasonably cheaply too.
I now use Superior Drummer 2 which is better again but needs more resources from your PC/ Mac.
For the ultra portable set up - a drum brain and the zen is the way to go.  i am always on the look out for a Roland TD8 module or above to be able to supplement my laptop setup should I want to be ultra portable PLUS have a hardware backup for emergencies.  A Roland module combined with some Vexpressions custom packs (see their website for details and testimonials) is about as good as you can get at the mo.  Yamaha module samples are also very good.
Slán from Ireland!

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