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ZenChat / Re: Happy Birthday Inspector 109
« on: May 04, 2011, 02:54:48 PM »
Happy Birthday 109!

Hey, what are you going to do on your "golden birthday"... you know, when you turn 109 years old?  I'd like to be invited...


ZenChat / Re: New Macbook pro
« on: May 04, 2011, 02:48:54 PM »

The DIs are a good idea in this case.  The outputs you're sending from your Mac are unbalanced (meaning 2-conductor- signal and ground).  Unbalanced lines degrade quickly over distance and pick up interference easliy.  If you were to use an audio interface with balanced outs (TRS connections) then you woudn't need the DIs.  This also explains why someone advised Digital Drummer earlier in this thread that DIs are not recommended for drum modules- drum modules generally have TRS balanced outputs, in which case the DI would be unnecessary.  Bottom line: if you're going to run long distances in cable (as is often the case with snake setups) you need balanced lines, and that's what you get out of a DI.


ZenChat / Re: Happy Birthday to The Zendrum Office
« on: May 04, 2011, 02:41:12 PM »
Happy Birthday!  Thanks for all you do.


ZenEdit / Re: Possible new features
« on: April 30, 2011, 11:07:21 AM »
For myself, it was money well spent. Darin should be congratulated for being able to come up with a program like this, implement it, get it up and running, and continue to update it. Man, that is a lot of friggin work for one hundred bucks! And oh by the way, once you're in, you're in. Where can you find any product that not only guarantees lifetime support for free, but you get to talk to the actual real person that wrote the program. And best of all, once you start using the program, the value becomes very obvious, and speaks for itself.
Speaking from my own experience, Darin has gone waaaaay above expectations in support, via personal emails and public help. Any time I have had issues that were not covered in the FAQ, I simply send Darin an email, and I have an answer, usually within hours. Any time I've asked questions outside the realm of Zenedit but peripherally associated, he is right there to offer answers and opinions.

This is an unpaid and unsolicited, free if you wanna read it, unsponsored, very positive truthful testimonial!  ;D


Absolute ditto there. It does indeed unlock some CRITICAL features that I for one have waited YEARS for. And on at least 2 occasions, I have had lengthy technical conversations by phone with Darin which have resulted in upgrades to Zenedit, usually within hours. Try that with Microsoft!!!  Lol. This s $100 WELL SPENT my friends.


Tech Help / Re: Want to be able to power my Zendrum with a battery box....
« on: February 12, 2011, 02:45:54 PM »
actually 'Dude, We've done some internal wireless/battery LT's now.


Sorry to all on my misleading post.  I could swear I heard that that wouldn't fit... I hate being wrong.  Ask my wife.


OK, I have answered within your post:

Hello and Merry X-mas Zendrum community!

I just got a call today from my brother whom has unbelievably offered to get me a Zendrum for my birthday/xmas! All day, while still staggering with the magnitude of this gift, I've been cruising this forum and trying to get a hang of the lingo which reminds me very much of any forum with experts on it in that people begin to speak almost purely in acronyms and subjective jargon.

I've began acoustically drumming in 2001, had kids in 2007 and haven't been able to play since. This is what led me to Zendrum. I'm quite savvy (that's for you Pyrate!) with a PC but know nothing of macs or music software. In-fact, anything midi in-general mystifies me at this point.

So basically I'm looking for someone to help me understand what seems to be an ocean of options when it comes to setting up a rig and a total dollar investment.

What I'd like to accomplish with a zendrum is...

1. I think it's important to mention that I'm a disciple of Neil Peart (RUSH) and he's been my biggest inspiration to be a percussionist. Thus, I'd like my acoustic sounding samples to emulate that of his. However, I'd also like to make percussion sounds along the lines of NIN. Think of "Closer to God" and "Heresy" for examples.  If you use BFD, you can actually buy samples of Neil's actual kit!!!!

2. I'd like to be able to perform double bass sequences (manually, which I think I would want two separate foot triggers? If playing a double ride pattern at the same time yeah? For an example see this opening segment ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo1_6E-zb2k I suppose I could do steady 16th notes with both the left and right hands at the same time but, lord that'd take some serious practice to make it tight!  It's all about deciding how you WANT to play, and then setting up the pad assignment to make it possible.  If you can dream it, you can do it.  It's extremely flexible.  I don't use any pedals at all in my setup, and I play double bass stuff quite a bit.  Or you can use BD and HH pedals... whatever fits your needs.

3. I would love to be able to emulate some of Rush's 1982-89 electronic drum sounds which would be "Signals" through "Presto" for any fans out there... If you're not a fan, become one but in the meantime, just think of some 80's electronic drum sounds and you'll get the idea.  This is a factor of what sounds are in whatever you decide to use for a sound source.  Modules generally have lots of old analog drum sounds like these.  The software route is more tailored to realism, but there are sample packages with electro sounds as well.

4. I think manual control of all the high-hat stages would be nice but I've read about some of the work-arounds utilizing manual volume control so it's not totally necessary.  I don't understand the second part of that statement exactly, but there are several cool ways to control HH open/close options.  It just depends on whether you want to use a pedal, more/less pads assigned for different articulations, or velocity control (meaning the softer/harder you hit it controls how open it is.) Lots of possibilities.

5. I'm attracted to the style and mobility of a ZX but it looks like wireless would add at least $400 to the price tag... Could that be added at a later date? And what other device(s) would be required to make that happen? Batteries etc...  It can be added later.  You'll definitely want it at some point.  Only extra is batteries: 9v.  There's a cool rechargeable option; search this forum.  I think it's $100 for that set.

6. Software vs. Hardware? Could someone explain this to me with the pros and cons? Bottom line: software is more costly but sounds better and has endless "tweakability."  Hardware is faster, easier, and is all in one "box", as opposed to bringing a laptop and interfaces, etc.  I use both, but my MacBook/BFD2 setup SMOKES any module I have heard.

I'm not excited about carrying around a laptop for live performances. I have an Alienware (PC) laptop, would that suffice? Ifso, what would be a good choice of software (with price) that would satisfy aforementioned #3? I think BFD2 is the best thing out there, but its steep intense learning curve may not be the best for you right now.  Perhaps the "lite" version of Superior as a starting point?  (Its name escapes me right now...)

I'm assuming that the Roland TD-10 or 20 models represent the hardware (as opposed to software) part of this equation and those look to be 500 used to 2500 new!! OUCH! Is there a way to achieve my desired sounds for less than that? Lots of modules cost less.  My favorite module so far is the Alesis DM10; I think I paid $600 ish new.  It's great.

7. I would like to be able to gig publicly in the future... So, whatever that would entail... Cost-wise also please :)  Sounds and amplification, that's all.  in some bands' cases, you'd just go into the same PA the vocals are coming from.  My first zillion Zendrum gigs didn't require ANY extra PA gear- band PA only.

I guess what I'm getting at is this... What my brother may have thought of as a $1700 gift may actually have a price tag more like 2.5k-5k? Is this correct?  Probably not as bad as all that, but yes, more cash than the ZD itself.

Thanks for your time and profundity!


Hope that helps!


I don't have a Zendrum, but... / Re: Z4 demo, can anyone help?
« on: January 17, 2011, 06:05:10 PM »
I see you use the Bose L1 system.  What do you think about it?  I just sold my EV SXA-250's and I'm looking at something lighter.  Always been confused on the Bose systems as to whether I need two.  Also there is the mod 1 vs. mod 2 question.  Any guidance you can offer would be appreciated.



Sorry bro, my forum attendance has been spotty of late...

I LOVE the Bose L1.  I have a pair of Model 1s, with 2 subs each (4 total.)  Here are some considerations:

-I rarely use both, but when I do, WATCH OUT.  AWESOME coverage and sound!  On many occasions I have used this pair as a full rock band's ONLY PA gear, covering both mains and monitors.  I love it, but rarely need it.
-The Bose subs don't really cut it for drums if you're "stompin'".  Jazz gigs in small venues, sure.  But if you wanna ROCK, you'll need more.  I have a pair of Mackie 600w 15s that are such a great match for the Bose tops.  I also use an outboard crossover to get the crossover point at 80hz.
-I have not heard the Model II, but am bummed that it doesn't have the mixer like the Model I.  I dig the smaller footprint though.
-The Compact is NOT what you want.  It's not at all comparable to the L1.  I was sorely disappointed in it when my buddy got one.

I hope that helps!


Tech Help / Re: Changing patches using the Zendrum's buttons?
« on: January 08, 2011, 10:16:05 AM »
Avast Thar Pocket Master,

     Aye be wondering how changing to the Z4 board will affect your ability to change programs using yer FC300 pedal.  Have ye any idea how ye may be impacted?

Avast Thar Zendrumdude,

    Aye will try to give you a hail tomorrow (Sunday, 28 Nov 2010, at a reasonable hour.  What be a good time to parlay?

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Sorry Pyrate, I don't know how I missed this post.

The Z4 and the FC300foot controller are completely different and unrelated systems.  Getting a Z4 would not affect anything concerning functions of the FC300.  And, if you wanna give me a call, anytime this weekend is great- although it sounded in another thread like you're all ship-shape and squared away.  Let me know if I can help with anything else (except shoveling snow off your decks... doing plenty of THAT here!)


Thanks for all the posts,.
For clarification, can the LT have an internal wireless midi option installled?  I thought it was just the ZX that could be upgraded.
-The LT isn't big enough to allow the wireless and battery to fit inside. (Same with Zap of course.)

Is anyone still using the the external battery box?  As an interim stage of going wireless, I could get the battery box first, run a long standard midi cable to the interface and play along that way.  Then, once I locate a cheap wireless midi unit I could get that to upgrade to wireless.  However, can anyone explain the connection schematic for a combined wireless / battery box combo?  How does the routing go from zen to wireless unit via the battery box?
-Zendrum midi out -> external battery box -> wireless Midi transmitter
*I'd advise an INTERNAL battery upgrade, and external wireless, if you want to use the wireless for windsynth as well.

An added element here is that the wirelss midi unit must be able to be used with my EWI4000S wind controller if possible so that I only have to buy one unit.  It looks lilke the MidiJet Pro is the likely candidate at the moment.
Thanks again for any shared experiences.


Tech Help / Re: Software Arrrgghhhh
« on: January 08, 2011, 10:01:10 AM »

I am so happy to hear it man.  Good work, I know it's hard not to throw the whole shebang out the window sometimes when you're learning new gear... your perseverance shows that ol' pirate spirit!


:> :(<: (best I could do for a "skull & crossbones" jolly roger smiley)

ZenChat / Re: HAPPY Birthday Rob a.k.a. Pocket Master
« on: January 08, 2011, 09:55:47 AM »
Dang dude,

I'm gonna show that to MY wife! 

Happy birthday brother.


ZenChat / Re: Changes in 2011
« on: January 08, 2011, 09:53:05 AM »
Apparently there be an app for the ipad, that allows remote control of a wi-fi enabled computer.


Wow.  Great.  ANOTHER reason I need an iPad... shoot.  Anybody wanna buy some of my gear?  LOL


Tech Help / Re: Want to be able to power my Zendrum with a battery box....
« on: December 17, 2010, 09:27:18 AM »

A tale from the ghost of Zendrums past...

Many years ago I began experimenting with battery-ifying  ;) my Zendrum.  I had an internally powered ZX in 1998 (but the whole backplate had to come off for battery replacement!)  I also made 2 working versions of an in-line battery box.  Then in 2000 or so I wired in an internal rechargeable battery with the charger wired to the midi port.  Pretty cool, right?  Umm, yeah, until I charged it and fried my circuitboard.   >:( :-[  I will never forget that ominous "pffft" sound and the little waft of smoke coming up from the inside of that Zendrum. :o

David was cooler about that event than anyone probably should be, (he did laugh at me a bit though!) and I am happy to report that that ZX (datawheel!) is still out there running.  But my point is, now that internal battery power IS available from the guys, get it done right!  The convenience of an onboard battery door is so great, and they do a PRO install job, with warranted coverage.

Merry Christmas, my friend!


ZenEdit / Re: crossfades not saving
« on: December 13, 2010, 10:28:52 AM »
I was having all kinds of trouble and 0% success with a cheapo no-name brand USB to MIDI interface.  My MOTU UltraLite works perfectly.


ZenChat / Re: Changes in 2011
« on: December 07, 2010, 05:10:37 PM »
Audio Sample fro you non-facebookers now found at:


We (or am I the only one?) thank you!    ;)


Nope, there are at least 2 of us Facebook holdouts here.   >-D


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