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Tech Help / my journey from total frustration to eternal bliss...
« on: April 13, 2008, 05:36:30 PM »
Hello, I received my new Zendrum a few weeks ago... the wait seemed to last forever... tried to fire up my Roland spd-20, nothing but frustration... however I knew this was not going to be my main engine for the Z-drum, so I didn't let it get to me... too much. I have received Battery 3 and Sonar 7 Producer,  so the next purchase was a screaming laptop to kick some a--, however the only a-- that kicked was mine... driver problems, computer freeze ups. Vista 64 basically not compatable with much of anything... after 3 days of noticing that I would come home from work and start drinking right away, I knew this was going to have to end... back to Best Buy to return windows laptop...  I was going to start drinking the Kool-Aid and go with a Mac Workbook, 2 gig memory, 160 meg hdrive.... well this best Buy doesn't sell Macs (not all stores do), the bi--- of a manager said all I could do was return it and pay a 15 % restocking fee... and click, she hung up... So I went on B Buy web site and  only a few stores in Ill. had a Mac in stock... I had a store 20 min. from the house, I called the Manager, and described my dilemma... he said not to worry, people bring back windows all the time for Macs... he would wave the restocking fee if I bought a Mac instead... well A'men to that Padre...got the Mac home... bang battery 3 loaded boom,  no problems... xiosynth synthesizer was found as a Midi input, boom, no problem... Midi interface loaded, boom no problem,Sonar 7 has to be loaded with boot camp (program that lets you divide your harddrive to have a separate amount of gig space for windows program... however, you need a windows xp w/ service pak 2, which is another $100.00 up yours Bill Gates.. at least for now... Garage Band is a wonderful program... Battery 3 works as a great plug in ,no problems.. I can save a tweaked set in battery 3 and/ or Garage band, I can go to loops, and play the Zdrum to any bass or any other loop to my hearts content.. I cannot express how nice it is... I even created a song, and it loaded to my Ipod library with out a hitch!!!! Now if any one can give me a few pointers on Battery 3... how do you assign zen pads to sounds, other than dragging then to the blank cell that lites up ?  How do you secure all the cells that light up to a pad.. for example, if 3 samples are used to make a sound, you need to copy all 3 cells over but sometimes this doesn't give the same sound.. lastly how do you program a loop to play until the pad is played again... right now it will play as long as I hold down the pad... sorry this is so long... but I had to get it off my chest... time for a drink...

Tech Help / new zendrum arrived...roland spd 20 problems....
« on: March 27, 2008, 06:40:56 AM »
Well it 's finally here... now for the technical stuff needed to play music... I was finally able to get a few sounds to play with the spd 20,  let's say I'm in set up map # 1, and spd 20 # 12, there are 8 sounds for that set, where do I go to program in more sounds ? Will the zendrum remember these sounds? Will I have to be on kit # 12 for the Zendrum to play the correct sounds when I go to map#1? The spd has over 700 sounds available, I would love to access these, and save them in the zendrums 16 maps... I'm staying home from work today to attempt to make some progress... any help would be most appreciated.  I also have Battery 3 on my computer, as well as a xiosynth 25 midi synth which goes thru a usb in the computer, what kind of cabling do I need for the zendrum to play Battery 3 out of the computer, I will be making my weekly trek to guitar center later today. Thanks, Rob

ZenChat / new zendrum just ordered
« on: February 18, 2008, 04:43:31 PM »
Hello, I've just ordered a new Blue Sunburst Flame Maple ZX, opened a Corona, put on some vintage Weather Report....  now all I have to do is wait...  and wait...  and wait....

ZenChat / Zap vs. other zendrums
« on: February 05, 2008, 01:32:59 PM »
Hello, I have a Question, the new Zap has 19 pads.... the other zendrums have  more pads... am I losing some crearivity here due to the fewer number of pads... or am I  getting more flexibility due to the fact that the Zap has the 3 1/4 plugs which are not on the other models... Thanks for any help... I'm looking to purchase within the next few weeks... Scvkiltie

ZenChat / 2001 vs. 2007
« on: November 26, 2007, 01:16:58 PM »
Hello, are there any differences on a Zendrum made in 2001 vs. a new model.... What is involved in updating the older model...eg. costs, software etc... Thanks, Rob

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