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ZenChat / private consultation
« on: May 31, 2006, 05:21:43 PM »
For those of you who live near Baltimore, I am offering private consultation on the Zendrum.  We can talk about technique and sound design.  I offer you the opportunity to come to my home (with your rig) and we can go over playing styles and sound design.

I have worked with a wide variety of sound modules and software VST.

Rates are reasonable.

Hope this helps,

Media / BFD AND MUSE Receptor Videos
« on: May 10, 2006, 05:29:46 PM »
Hello All,

Welcome back to the new and improved forum!  Geo has done an outstanding job with this site.

I have added a multimedia section to my web site, www.johnemrich.com.  After talking with David, I would like to extend an invitation to all of you Zendrummers to check out the videos on my site. 

I am willing to share all that I know about this topic.  Software is the future of electronic drumming and the Zendrum is by far the most expressive tool that a drummer can use.  The dynamics of BFD are a perfect match for the capabilities of the Zendrum.  If you have questions, I will do my best to give you straight, honest answers and help to take the sting out of software drumming.  It is easier to upgrade and cheaper in the long run.  You can also turn your Zendrum into any instrument that you dream up.

Hope this helps.  Please enjoy the videos!

John Emrich

ZenChat / Congrats!!
« on: May 02, 2006, 08:14:00 PM »
Way to go Geo!  This new site looks great!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :DThis is one of the best forums I've ever seen.

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