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Tech Help / TD-20 LCD Display
« on: May 15, 2012, 07:49:00 PM »
Well, I am a little sad to report that I set up my electronic drums for the first time in a while, and when I went to turn on the TD-20, the Kit Names on the LCD screen were jumping all over the place, and from about halfway down it was just blank (ie can't read any of the soft key commands...)

Has this happened to any other TD owners? This is the first big problem that I have had with a Roland module ( and I've had or have just about everyone prior to the 20).

From reading other sites it sounds like it might be just be an LCD replacement, which is still in the "couple hundred bucks" range (amazing)...  The Zendrumdrive just might be closer on the horizon...

ZenChat / TD-30 anyone?
« on: April 16, 2012, 09:52:13 PM »
Hey guys- how's everyone been?  It's been a while since I have posted, I wanted to stop by and see what was new in Zenland!  Sooo....  TD-30- anyone get their hands on one of these little buggers yet?  Anyone who knows about me knows that I was a full force Roland guy for a long time ( have or have had TD-everything up til now...). I'm curious as to if anyone has actually played with one yet....  Fellas at another forum are already making decisions on the good/bad of the unit, but of them no one has seemingly played it personally yet. 

My gut instinct is that it is just another (basically) upgrade of the TD-20, and doesn't have anything all that groundbreaking that could persuade me to lay out that kinda $ on another module. The playability of software has seemingly just overtaken the module ....yet I still find myself using a module on gigs because of the sheer ease of it. 

I am going to eventually (I hope) get something along the lines of the Zendrive  or Receptor, and I think that will be the death of the module for me?  I love the modules for so long, and I want to be able to "back" them.... But I feel as though they are just the same "thing" lately (TD-12,  20, and perhaps the 30?) I don't know, maybe someone here has gotten their hands on the 30 and will say it is "that" much better....  Anyone?

Music / Final Mixes on Snow days!
« on: February 15, 2007, 10:55:11 AM »
Here's a tune that was posted long ago,  prior to my band having a singer fully in place.   It was lost I suppose when the old site got invaded--  and since we have our singer on it now,  and it's fully mixed,  I thought I would re-post it.  This was not played on the Zendrum,  but triggered form my v-drum kit.  I'm still trying to learn this one on the Zen-- have most of it down,  but there's a few fills that are still rather shaky when trying to pull them of on the Zen...



Music / Zendrum/BFD/New tune
« on: February 12, 2007, 12:29:14 PM »
Well,  I got together with my Guitar player to try out BFD (I think he has the "standard") version right now---  it's very "room" sounding-- we have to get the plug ins so we have a bit of a better "close" mic sound---  but we really did this more as a project to see what recording/Zendrum/Logic can do....   BFD even at it's lowest levels really just makes the "Modules" sound un-fullfilling...   I have the TD-20 (and 12...),  and man,  these sounds in BFD are awesome.   We'll definitely be using the BFD for the next album (guess we should get this first one out first,  huh!!??)   Here's a rather raw recording of the tune we played around with....  (it's a new one for us-- already heading in a different direction!)

(pulled the link till it is recorded again for real!!)

ZenChat / Assigning a Kick Sound to Cymbal TD-12 / 20
« on: February 06, 2007, 10:24:21 PM »
This question was asked to me a couple of times,  so I figured I would post it here and it can be out there for those who might be interested --  There's a way of "layering" a kick sound (or any sounds really) on the TD-12 or TD-20,  so you can get a "kick" along with your crash sound which you play (or should I say,  I play) 90-some percent of the time anyway (again,  really any sound layered with any sound)-- --  speaking of anyway --  here ya go all you fellow TD'ers --


The Tap feature is a cool way to add a kick to your cymbal sounds w/o hogging up another trigger --  and opens a few doors to the possibilities of putting cymbals where you want them on your Zen--  as oppesd to always having to be right next to a kick drum….

   Ok--  here you go:

  Hit PATTERN > then NEW (F5),  then FUNCTION (F3)- (lets just say its patter 155) then I name it, then exit.

Hit SET UP (F1), Set Pattern length to 1, the hit the record button.  I set the quantize to and 8th note, then when ready hit the blinking green play button.  I hit a kick drum on the downbeat after the 4 count off clicks….   Then hit STOP.  Be precise in recording it right on the downbeat.

  Then I go back and hit FUNCTION (F3),  and double check it is still on Pattern length = 1.  (not sure if that even matters,  but I do it.)

Then Hit TYPE (F2),  and set play type to TAP (important!)

Then go back out (hit KIT), ,  then hit INST. Button, turn off the HEAD & Rim feature (F5) so it isn’t hi-lighted)—then hit whatever cymbal you want to assign the pattern to.

Then hit CONTROL (F4),  and assign PadPtn (remember 155 as our example) or whatever pattern you used…..    Viola --  you should have a kick sound along with that cymbal!!   


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