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Mmm...both... Great idea!   :o

How do you like the combination with the Planet Earth and the drum roms? Good stuff?

I'm really just working through the decision-making process right now. Sell the E-mu command station and go the software route, or keep it and expand the roms. If I were to hear a striking example of either, it might help influence my decision. I'll check out Tom's cd...

Either way, I'm thinking that my Zendrum purchase is imminent...

Thanks! ;D

Lots of foiks, myself included, are using the Zendrum with the E-MU Planet Earth module, which has the World Expedition ROM sounds on board.  Works great. 

You wouldn't happen to have any recordings of your Zendrum played through the Planet Earth, would you? ;)

Thanks for the info.  8)

The Command Stations are essentially groovebox versions of the E-mu synths. Synth + 16 track sequencer and effects. Good fun. You can sequence and loop on the fly and go in and out of record without missing a step. I like the simplicity offered by that arrangement. Too bad they discontinued them...

I also have Ableton Live 5 and Battery 2 to use as an alternative. I mainly use them for recording. I just find that the good E-mu sounds have so much warmth and presence... i don't know how else to describe them.


Hello all! First post.  ;D

I'm considering getting a Zendrum to replace my M-Audio Trigger Finger and my DrumKat as midi controllers. Does anyone have any experience using a Zendrum to trigger sounds from one of E-mu's various Command Station models? I have the XL-7, which has mostly dance and electronica sounds, but also a nice array of very editable drum sounds. Plus, I've been eyeing the Protean Drums rom and the World Expedition rom, both of which contain a vast array of wonderful velocity layered drum samples that I could add to the Command Station.

Just curious if anyone has tried this.


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