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Tech Help / Two TD20/TD30 plus BFD2 related questions.
« on: August 22, 2013, 12:06:05 PM »
Before I bought my Zendrum I saw a post, somewhere, on the need to adjust the master sensitivity setting on the TD20 so the Zendrum and other non-VDrum pads will not max out the velocity so easily. Now I cannot find the post anywhere. Does anyone remember this or have suggestions on how to set the TD20 for a smooth response? I really prefer to do the adjusting within the TD20 so that I can move between the TD20 and BFD2 without changing anything in the Zendrum.

Is anyone using a HH controller (FD-7 or FD-8) with the Zendrum + TD20? Id like to set it up to work with both the TD20 and BFG2 which means connecting the controller to the Zendrum. What cc channel are you using? Do you use the same setting for the TD20 and BFG2?

ZenEdit / Standard layouts?
« on: July 11, 2013, 03:51:43 PM »
Just wondering if ZenEdit comes with standard layouts for GenMIDI, Roland TD, etc... that map those devices to "suggested" pads on the ZX and EXP. When my Zendrum comes in one of the first things I will do is try some different layouts to find the one most comfortable to me. I'm hoping that ZenEdit will introduct me to some of those possible layouts.

After seeing Mo'Rockin countless times over the years while visiting Epcot I finally ordered my own Zendrum. I decided to go all out. Flame maple EXP in that beautiful sapphire blue. I know the web site says 4+ weeks for that finish but I still cannot help but check the status every day. It's going to be a long month. Anyway, I have a few questions while I wait. I plan to use a Roland TD20x as my main sound source. I also may connect it to my DAW and try using Kontakt.

Will it be easier to map the Zendrum to match the TD20x, or program patches on the TD20x to match the Zendrum? (I do plan to get the ZenEdit program once I pay off this purchase.)

When using more than one pad to trigger the same drum, do most users assign both pads to the same midi note, or use two different midi notes and slightly different strikes to mimic left and right hand?

I have a MacBookAir with Ableton Live. Would what I gain in variety and sound quality make it worth using a computer instead of something simple like the TD20X?

Thanks for any answers.

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