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ZenChat / Futureman In The House
« on: November 21, 2010, 10:51:28 AM »
Hey Everybody,
Futureman came to play in the Zendrum lab the other day! It was a surprise visit (he said he just "teleported in") on his way back home to Nashville from Atlanta. He played David's wireless Zendrum his way ("upside down & backwards") with the new sounds that Zendrum is developing. What a great 3-HOUR drum solo that was! And a great hang til around midnight.
I took photos and put up an album at the Zendrum Facebook page...if you want to see them please click on this link:
Thanks and go well!

ZenChat / Zendrum at Facebook
« on: September 16, 2009, 08:49:47 AM »
Hi Everyone,

I would like to invite everyone to join us at Facebook and become a fan of Zendrum Corporation!

There are LOTS of photos for you to see there and of course you can post YOUR photos and videos there!
I have posted several photo albums for you already:
Zendrum Techno Tribe (please send me your photo to zendrum@mindspring.com so I can add it to the album)
Photos of Zendrums
ZenGina's Photo Archives: The NAMM Shows
And the newest photo album I have just posted today:
ZenGina's Archives: Evolution of Futureman's Zendrum 1995-2009

There are still many more photos in the Archives of the History of the Zendrum and the people who make it and play it...I will be scanning and uploading more photos to ZenGina's Photo Archives every week.

Please join us at Facebook and become a fan...hope to see you there!

Thanks very much and go well!
Gina Boger-Haney at Zendrum

ZenChat / Photos for Zendrum MySpace Page
« on: June 06, 2009, 03:28:15 PM »
Hi Everybody!

I am working on photo albums for the "ZENDRUM (Inspector 109)" MySpace page ('bout time, yeah?!) and one of them will be for Techno Tribe photos...that's all y'all...so please send me photos of yourselves playing your Zendrums. I'll start the album next week and then keep adding photos as you send them. Please send .jpgs to me at zendrum@mindspring.com  THANKS!

AND...Inspector 109 has pointed something out to me in the "New for 2009 Zendrum Z4" thread:
Reply #43...looks as if ZenGina jumped in there and answered some technical questions...um, REALLY?! No, that was the Inspector. I had logged in to look for a forum member and forgot to log out...we use the same computer in the office and when he went to post he didn't notice he was posting in my name. Sorry about that! I happily wear a lot of Zendrum hats...office, communications, orders, shipping, accounting, photography, archives, whatever...but I do NOT venture into the Zendrum Technical Zone! David does talk to me about technical stuff and I do try to hang in there for as long as possible but I understand only a little of the language so he kindly stops when my eyes begin to water. My eyes have been watering ALOT this last few weeks, especially this past week!!! Anyway...the actual extent of my Zendrum technical expertise is that I can say with absolute accuracy every time, "Yes, that IS a Zendrum."

Okay, y'all send me some Zendrumming photos!
Thank you and go well!

ZenChat / A Zendrum "Grasshopper"
« on: September 06, 2008, 04:37:28 PM »
Hello Everybody,

At Zendrum we received yesterday this video link from Johan Aben, Zendrummer since 1997, and I thought y'all might like to see it. With his permission I have posted his email. Johan is a percussionist and drummer in The Netherlands. Among other things he gives concerts for young people in the schools and theatres to teach them about music and drums and percussion, and he includes the Zendrum in his programs. Here is his email and the link to his video and to his website:
Subject: "old" Zendrum discovered by new generation

Even my little girl is discovering your beatiful instrument.
You can click on the link to see her first improvised contact with it.

Thank you and greetings from the Netherlands

Johan Aben

Renee Aben’s eerste improviastie les


Thanks and go well!
Gina at Zendrum

ZenChat / Happy New Year!!!!!
« on: December 31, 2007, 02:50:57 PM »
Hey Everybody...

Happy New Year to All Y'all!!!!

Wishing all of you ALL THE BEST in 2008!

Go well!

ZenChat / Zendrum Holiday Gifts and Gift Certificates
« on: November 08, 2007, 03:42:39 PM »
A Zendrum makes a perfect Holiday gift for your favorite musician! If you are not sure which model or color to get you can place a deposit for a Zendrum and we will create for the lucky recipient a Zendrum gift certificate. If you choose one of the oil-finished woods...Zebrawood, Tigerwood...it can be ready to ship in 2-3 weeks. For other finishes please contact us for details regarding production time and shipping date. Happy Holidays!

Thanks and go well!
Gina Boger-Haney at Zendrum

ZenChat / Holiday Zendrum Delivery
« on: October 08, 2007, 10:51:50 AM »
Hello everybody,

Thinking about giving a Zendrum to your favorite musician this Holiday Season?
Yes, it's already that time of year again! So if you want to order a gift Zendrum please keep in mind the 35-40 day Zendrum production time from date of deposit to shipping date.

We can assure that orders placed by Monday, November 5th will be ready to ship by Tuesday, December 18th, for 3-day FedEx delivery before Christmas Eve.

Thanks very much and go well!
Gina at Zendrum

ZenChat / Need help with international inquiry
« on: August 03, 2007, 09:39:07 AM »
Hey everybody,

If there is anyone here who is speaks/writes Japanese and can help me with translations/email for a Zendrum inquiry from Japan, please email me at zendrum@mindspring.com. He has sent his first email in English, but we're gonna have a hard time understanding each other. I'm already at the Free Translation website to get started with an initial reply, but soon as he asks the next question, I'll be headed up the deep creek without me paddle!

Any help or advice...different/better translation resource website?...will be appreciated!
Thanks very much and go well,

Okay, it's 20 minutes later...here's an update on what happens when you try to use the free translation website for English to Japanese:
English: Thank you very much and go well!
to Japanese: 非常にあなたに感謝して、元気になってください!
back to English: Please become fine in appreciation of you, very!

Yeah, 'fraid that's not going to work too well with a technical question...
English: Yikes!
to Japanese: うわっ!

ZenChat / The number of Zendrums in the world
« on: July 21, 2007, 01:38:08 PM »
Hey everybody!

This is in response to the previous thread regarding the number of Zendrums there are. There is a short answer and there is a loooooooong answer as well (of course!). I have been working for a very long and complicated time to get as close as possible to the exact number. So here you go:

Short answer: As of now, mid-July 2007...the number of Zendrums in the world is 969.
This is all the Zendrums made since our beginning in 1993 starting with the datawheel Z1's, including an estimated number of 20 (will explain that in the long answer), also including the plastic ZP's and Muses made in 1997, plus the current orders we are working on. By the end of this year, 2007, there will be >1000 Zendrums in the world.

Long answer: With help from our subassembly person/office assistant (thank you Nancy!!), who happens to have just the same OCD that I do about data and numbers, I have very recently finished a lengthy and complicated project of sorting and cross-referencing all the Zendrum serial numbers and related information to re-establish the Zendrum serial number data base. We have sorted through every piece of paper and every page of numbers we have found in the archives, every entry in the current Zendrum Techno-Tribe contact list, working our way forward from 1993. In recent years, since early 2000, we have used a definitive system for recording the serial numbers with every order both in paper files as well as computer files. Before then all the serial numbers were recorded on paper.

David Haney has explained that in 1993 and 1994 there were ~20 of the first Zendrums he and Kim Daniel made that don't have serial numbers...this is the estimated 20 Zendrums I mentioned above. This number includes several original prototypes along with: original Zendrum Z1's (the original long tailpiece model) such as the one we took to show Peter Gabriel in 1993, then the very first Zendrum sent out into the world to Perth Australia to meet up with Manu Katche on the Peter Gabriel "US" World Tour; some of the other very first Z1's such as David's Zebrawood known as #001, then a Birdseye/Purpleheart known as #002 made for Billy Cobham, then Kim's Lacewood known as #003, then Purpleheart #004 for Michael Bastido, a musician in Atlanta who used to work with us...this is one of the first with the newer shape and the only solid Purpleheart Zendrum ever made; others including the first two ever sold (at Summer NAMM 1994 in Nashville)...1st one sold to Leon Russell, 2nd one to Oliver Warren who is the drummer on Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman"; two prototypes made for Futureman; then one which was sent over to Real World Studios; Kim's Yellow Pearl Zendrum which was photographed for a NAMM brochure and for print ads in Modern Drummer Magazine; and a few others. Some of those first ~20 Zendrums are hanging on the wall here in the office, signed by the artist and returned to us in exchange for a newer Zendrum, but we have lost track of a few of them.

By late 1994, then 1995 and early 1996 the serial number for each Zendrum was printed on two small white stickers, one on the outside of the backplate and one on the inside of the backplate. Those serial numbers started at #100450. Then in late 1996 the current 3.0 circuit board was introduced and from then on each circuit board has had a serial number imbedded on a chip. Until early 2000 each of those serial numbers was recorded on paper in a list with the owner's name and the date.

In late 1999 when we moved out of the Zendrum office and manufacturing space at 2299 Peachtree Road in downtown Atlanta, we moved everything to two locations...the office went to one place and the shop went to another. We are a very small number of people and we were all working as hard as we could to get it all done (just as we still are!!!), but during the move some boxes of crucial files were misidentified, misdirected and ended up in storage. In one of these boxes were the hard copies of the serial numbers lists along with hard copies of all the orders for several years. To complicate things even further the office computer crashed right before the move (naturally!) and we lost the contact list and data base onboard. When we did retrieve the boxes of files and the serial numbers lists, I started sorting through stacks and stacks of paper, cross-referencing all the numbers and other information, methodically re-establishing the Zendrum data base.

David has told me that until now when he was asked how many Zendrums there were out in the world, he didn't know the exact number, and the number he guessed was an estimate that also included some of those early prototypes he and Kim had made as well as quite a large number of Zendrum bodies that were carved and painted but never built and sold because he (Inspector 109) and Kim didn't pass the finishes. But the number I have sorted it all down to now is the actual number of Zendrums built and tested by Inspector 109 and sent out into the world (or about to be!). We realize that our Zendrum owner list is not completely accurate now, as of course we have lost contact with some earlier Zendrummers and others have sold their Zendrums on to people who haven't needed to contact us. But even though all the names may not be current and accurate, this number is.

Okay, all this may be WAY more than you wanted to know about Zendrum, but here it is. Since I worked so long to get to that number, I'm glad someone wants to know it...thanks for asking!

Go well,
Gina Boger-Haney

ZenChat / Happy New Year!
« on: December 31, 2006, 12:11:07 PM »
Hey Everybody!

From everyone here at "Zendrum World Headquarters"
Thanks as always for being here on this forum...y'all are awesome!

We wish you Big Happiness and All the Best in the New Year!!!

Go well!

ZenChat / Thanks!
« on: November 22, 2006, 09:19:13 AM »
Hi everybody,

To everyone here who celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Zendrum! We wish you safe journeys there and back again wherever you go, and good times while you're there!

To everyone here, thanks from everyone at Zendrum for being here on this forum and for all of your contributions to this forum! We wish you all the best as you celebrate this holiday season, wherever you are!

Be safe, go well!

Big Thanks,
Gina Boger-Haney at Zendrum

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