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Hi folks: Is anyone out there using a 2 Box system? I am interested in whether
1: The hi hat issue has been resolved.
2: Does the 2BOX receive Program Change messages.
3: Has anyone imported melodic sounds like bass guitar into the 2 Box system.

It seems out of all the hardware modules, the 2 BOX could be a winner. I know there have been some issues with the hi hat so I thought I'd check in and see. Thanks in advance for all input\observations

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ZenChat / Expression pedals, midi foot controllers
« on: April 18, 2007, 03:29:51 PM »
Hello everyone...I use an older zendrum in a duo, and have started triggering simple rock bass patterns into my dmpro, while playing standard rock drum grooves.  I'd like to implement pitch control using an expression pedal...and although I've looked into the behringer-roland etc midi foot controllers, the CME GPP-3 caught my eye, as it has usb AND midi in a smaller footprint than the other controllers.  Anyone using pitch control via expression pedals?

Thanks in advance

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