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ZenChat / Zendrum as accordion via VSTi / Kontakt ?
« on: May 17, 2012, 08:17:21 AM »
Hello tribe,

So ... has anyone ever had any (successful) experience using their Zen with software and an actual multisampled Accordion VSTi? I would like to do some work in this area, and I need to know (a) of others' experience and also (b) what is a good virtual accordion to get? I am interested in the instrument from an Italian perspective.  Thanks!


User Reviews / Native Instruments Kontakt 4
« on: March 16, 2012, 08:00:57 AM »

Are there any Zendrum players who have had much experience using the controller with Kontakt "as the instrument" - and not just as a tweak station?  I also use a full version of Battery 3 - which is great - but my Kontakt is only the demo / player version, and times-out after 30 min.  I have recently discovered a wealth of incredible Kontakt instruments (.nki) that I want so badly to play with my ZX ... I have purchased a few of these somewhat pricey packages, even though the disclaimer stated that these instruments would time-out in the free version of Kontakt after a half-hour.  However: I purchased knowing fully well that I could import any of the .WAV samples into Battery and play them that way.  That works okay - but is super tedious work.  After messing around with the instruments for a very limited time in the Kontakt player - I really love the way the sounds are already mapped out for us.  And very nice arrangements of some VERY exciting percussive sounds!!  See here - check it out:


Goodness, just check out some of the new instruments on the Soundiron page!!

I currently own (8dio) "The Ranch" and "Boroscillate Bells" - absolutely incredible, percussive monsters (and very well-priced!)  I also have a buch or freebies from the companies that dont require an activation code - which I would be willing to share with you as a tantalizing measure!

Anyway, back on topic:  Do I shell out $499 for Kontakt Full Version so that I can compose and perform with these sounds and no time restriction?  Is anyone using the full Kontakt, and do you find it to be Zendrum-friendly??

Thanks so much,


Hey, gang:

Thanks so much to everyone for your responses; Yes, Raven, MIDI can at times be pretty perplexing.  And by the way, I appreciate the suggestion about the MOTU Timepiece -- be it new or used -- however USB has nothing to do with the equation in my particular circumstance.

I only need each trigger in a "patch" to send on a single midi channel -- not multiple channels -- however this necessity is thwarted by the inherent fact that Zen will only send (transmit) on ONE channel per "patch" (set-up), for a total of a possible 16 patches (midi channels 1-16.)   But from any given "patch", I'll need to transmit with some trigs on Ch.2. some on Ch. 4 (two different samplers); some on Ch. 7 (Simmons SDE/synth...)  I think you get the picture.  And so that "patch" would be mapped, or set-up to handle, let's say, "song xyx" in my live set ...and the next patch would be "song la la la", in the set, etc.

But I do think a MOTU unit will do the trick.

To Retro Surfer:  If you are reading this -- if you don't mind my asking, which MOTU box do you use?  For my needs, something as simple as (1) IN and (5) to (6) OUTS should take care of  business.  I do, however, need something which can derive its power from AC current and not USB ... as no computer is used live ... just the multiple pieces of rack-mount and stand-alone hardware.

Keep the brainstorming going, people!

Thank you both, gentlemen, for the sound advice.  This advice matched what Dave Haney told me also.  I know I can think this thing through.  I just want to have a solid gameplan before I dump the $1600 ... it needs to do what I need it to do -- plus look outstanding.

John -- I've been watching some of your videos on the Z site, and am enjoying them very much, as well as finding them highly educational!  I think I definitely want a ZLT now ... wasn't sure what it would be like to play/wear, but your video put my anxiety at rest.

Best wishes,


Tech Help / Question regarding outputting on multiple MIDI channels?
« on: June 08, 2006, 06:20:53 PM »
Hi everyone;
I don't have a Zendrum yet, but I am posting here in hopes that other users may be able to help me come up with a solution.  For the type of stuff that I do live, I need to be able to transmit on at least 5 unique midi channels from the same set-up (as they call it), or "patch", as I'm used to saying.  So, I understand that Zendrum can have/store 1 to 16 user-definable set-ups, or patches ... and from each of these I need EACH TRIGGER to be able to transmit on a unique channel where necessary (i.e. sampler A, sampler B, sampler C, SIMMONS SDE, Roland drum module ... you get it) albeit, some triggers in the same patch will undoubtedly be transmitting to that same device via the same channel number.  It's totally ok for Zendrum to Receive midi on a single channel.

Everyone still with me?

I had assumed the ZENDRUM would be able to do this, no doubt, as my trapKAT can send out independent channel #'s for each pad in a patch, as can my Roland SPD-11.  In fact, the Roland can actually transmit on 2 different channels for each of 8 pads, as each pad has two layers -- A & B -- which can send on different channels.  I am only bringing this up, as having thought the Zendrum could do this, and knowing how much I will spend on my Zendrum, I need to find the least expensive way possible around this obstacle.  In other words, I can't shell out $700 for a MOTU unit or something like that and also buy the Zendrum.  Not all at once, anyway.

So, any and all creative ideas from other Zendrum folks who have dealt with this kind of issue are welcome.  To all who ponder this -- Thank You very much.

p.s. -- has to be a "hardware" solution; I don't use any software platforms in the studio or live.

Thanks and best wishes,


I don't have a Zendrum, but... / Exotic wood choices & EPCOT ???
« on: June 06, 2006, 08:59:23 AM »
Hello all!

Am preparing financially and aesthetically to dive in and purchase a custom Zendrum.  I am an electronic/sample/sound collage artist in Lewiston, Maine, with a history/professional training on drums.

1.  Can anyone tell me of/point me in the direction of a list of all the exotic hardwoods that David and the crew can make Zendrum out of?  I am definitely opting for an exotic wood.  Given some type of list, I can then cross-reference what these woods look like, either online, or at a nearby college library.  I understand that some exotic woods are more difficult to work with than others, can be brittle, etc.  For instance, I had a custom snare drum built a few years back with an exterior Bubinga veneer.  The manufacturer cracked 3 different veneers before finally getting one successfully on the drum!

2.  I am very curious about this:  Each October my wife and I go to Walt Disney World in Orlando.  And it seems that each year, I see more and more Zendrummers performing in the theme parks, most notably EPCOT, followed by ANIMAL kINGDOM.  It drives my wife nuts, because I always have to stop and watch the entire performance, and then go ask the guy questions after!  I am wondering if the folks at ZENDRUM have some kind of a deal with DISNEY, whereby the Zendrum might gain some great exposure in front of many thousand people on a daily or weekly basis:  is ZENDRUM endorsing these performers/acts with the instrument in return for great exposure?  Just curious.  Can't wait to count how many ZENDRUMs I see in '06!



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