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ZenChat / Re: ZenDrum mini?
« on: June 19, 2014, 08:03:31 AM »
How is the Launchpad Mini's playing response and sensitivity for finger drumming?

Yes, KMI's stuff is inconsistent. I'm unable to program the QuNexus's controller layer from any computer, and the dev has no troubleshooting advice. And my QuNeo's rotating controllers have a nice fingerdrumming sensitivity that none of the 16 square pads has. You do have to bear down on the sliders more than you'd like to. Meanwhile, the QuNexus's sensitivity would make the older QuNeo much more usable. Apparently, they changed technology between the two devices. I asked precisely that question on the KMI forums after buying the QuNexus and before buying the QuNeo, but the answer they gave me was wrong. I think they don't comprehend how sensitive our fingers have become from playing ZenDrum triggers.

Sorry I missed this Jimmy, I'm not on the forums much any more.
I wouldn't recommend the Launchpad as a drum controller. The pads are reasonably sensitive to taps, but I don't believe they have any velocity capability. You'd basically have to tweak the velocity of every note in your DAW after recording. Not really ideal, but it all depends on your process.

Tech Help / Calibration does not set max output properly on knobs
« on: April 17, 2014, 10:00:53 PM »
Hey all.
Discovered something weird tonight... my knobs do not go all the way up to 127 after calibrating everything.
They range from 0-124, and appear to be on the same response curve as the "3" setting (e.g. the beginning of the turn rockets up the value and then it slows down to where the increases only come a couple per centimeter of rotation)

I found that, if I use ZenEdit and drop the "max" output of the knobs to about 96 (they started ~98.5 after calibration) then they will read all the way up to 127.

So, 1) I'm confused why calibration of the knobs doesn't allow reaching the value of 127 by default, and
2) I'm confused why setting the "max" output of these knobs to 96 results in a value of 127 being reached. You would think that setting the max to 127 would result in 127.

ZenChat / Re: ZenDrum mini?
« on: April 09, 2014, 03:53:01 PM »
I picked up a QuNexus, and the playing response is actually not bad. It's a little bit more cramped than I wanted, but it does have other uses, plus it's really small and light and USB powered. I was so happy with it, I bought a QuNeo, which is partially designed (its 4 x 4 array) for finger drumming, but it's much less sensitive than the QuNexus so that you can't tap it to play, rather, you have to whack it. It will suit some people, but it's useless to me as a drum controller, although I can use it for other things.

I love my QuNexus.
Funny you mention the sensitivity issues on the QuNeo. I had the same issues with how responsive parts of it were (the sliders, in particular, were really dull, and the buttons really needed bearing down to activate) but the pads themselves were quite tappable. I ended up exchanging it for the Nexus and a Launchpad Mini.
Neat devices, but it seems KMI doesn't have the consistency I'd hope for from a professional instrument manufacturer.

Tech Help / Re: Power switch replacement
« on: December 06, 2013, 01:18:53 PM »
Hey Jaay! Hope all is well.
The problem with plugging a cable into the Zendrum is that it negates the MIDIJet add-on for the instrument. I like reliability, but I like my $400 wireless system as well. :)

Hey there!  Had new information that I felt warranted its own post.

According to 109, the power switch can be bypassed so that when the main cable's plugged in to the instrument, the instrument is powered on.  He says it's not risky any kind of way and it's how all Zendrums are shipped that don't have the internal wireless.

If you're very concerned about your switch, perhaps this is an option?


Tech Help / Re: Power switch replacement
« on: November 01, 2013, 02:59:53 PM »
So recently I finally decided to do something about this.
I took a trip to the hardware store and came back with one of these:  http://parksupplyofamerica.com/gproduct.php?id=ESCEW-30&gclid=CNCgtKm8xLoCFcw7MgodP00AKA

The opening is just big enough to fit around the trim on my power switch (you'll want to make sure you're getting the right size as there are a few different kinds). After a bit of trimming to accommodate the rubber foot and a pedal jack, I used removable glue to affix the washer to my back plate. It sits just the right height so as not to interfere with the foot, and resembles the same rubber material that the foot is constructed of, so it doesn't look particularly out of place. The sloping sides mean that any impacts are actually deflected somewhat rather than absorbed, so the glue takes less strain. Finally, it covers the switch quite nicely, so that I have to reach down inside to turn my ZX on and off, making it the perfect semipermanent solution.

I still can't believe I'm the only one who's had this issue. I guess the difference is in how we are all wearing our Zens.

Tech Help / Re: Power switch replacement
« on: July 08, 2013, 11:13:17 PM »
Thanks DW. I'll give that a try before I do anything more intrusive; I think though that with my particular application, it's more likely to pop off regardless. It will have a smaller surface area adhering to the backplate and will be bumped a lot more frequently.

What do you use a mouse pad on the back of your ZX for, if you don't mind my asking?

Tech Help / Re: Power switch replacement
« on: June 29, 2013, 03:57:55 PM »
Thanks for the suggestion. I'd considered that too, but my concern is that the adhesive will fail since it'll be more prominent and thus subject to much more abuse than the somewhat low-profile switch. I'm hoping for a more permanent solution. I may just carefully take the back off tomorrow and see what I'm looking at for myself, since many people have already done it themselves to service their Zendrums. How much leeway is there in the wiring between the board and back plate? (e.g. if I lift the back off, how far will it go before damaging the wires)

Tech Help / Re: Power switch replacement
« on: June 28, 2013, 01:33:56 PM »
61 views and no responses after two weeks? This isn't the forum I remember, I guess.

Tech Help / Power switch replacement
« on: June 14, 2013, 11:11:05 AM »
Hey guys! Long time no talk.
So I don't know if I'm the only one this has been happening to, but since I got my ZX, I have had an intermittent problem with bumping the power switch with my belt or hip and accidentally shutting off the power while practicing.

I've contemplated a few different solutions for this and I think what I may end up going with is replacing the current toggle switch with a push-button, such as http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/717130401/LED_push_button_switch.html.

The questions I have are probably best answered by the Inspector, but any insight is helpful. My main concern is to resolve this one way or another before it results in a switch-off at a very unfortunate time.

1) Will this void my instrument's warranty? My friend and I are both heavy tinkerers and are well-versed in modifications such as this, so skill is not an issue, but I understand not wanting to be responsible for third party modifications. Regardless of the solution, I need to get this sorted out, even if it's just making a physical barrier over the switch.

2) What are the dimensions of the existing switch and the hole it is mounted in? Is there any electronic equipment lying directly beneath the power switch? How much depth is there to work with below the backplate of the ZX? Obviously if I go the replacement switch route, I don't want to order one only to have it not fit. The one I linked above looks substantially deeper than the google searches I've done for comparisons to switches like the stock toggle.

3) For other people who have experienced this (if any), how did you overcome it?

Thanks for the ideas, guys!

ZenChat / Re: Need a foot trigger (mod?) for Patch changing
« on: April 13, 2012, 09:45:42 AM »
Hey Jaay,
Another possible option would be a Behringer FCB1012. I bought one for this specific purpose. While it's a little bit large, and while I haven't had much time lately to work on improving my Zendrum abilities, the research I did on it seemed to suggest it could be used for this. Hope it helps.


ZenChat / Re: IMPORTANT: This Town Ain't Big Enough
« on: April 13, 2012, 09:24:49 AM »
It's really unfortunate, and really saddening, that this situation has gotten so bad. I remember before I purchased my Zendrum, this forum was an important part of my decision to buy. I spent a long time reading about people's opinions and styles even before I myself joined the forum. I hope that potential new users will still have access to the Zendrum community as a resource for research.

ZenChat / Re: And your Zendrum set-up consists of...
« on: December 08, 2011, 03:16:16 PM »
Thumper and Slingsman,
A lot of people do simply run a cable from their headphone out to an amp/PA, from what I've read. Personally, I don't like this setup myself...sure, it's more convenient, but if the cord gets bumped or moved, a lot of headphone ports can end up causing crackling and so on. I think this might happen due to dirt/debris that can collect inside the port, but that's a complete guess on my part. It's also a very slender and not robust connector, so if it is jostled while things are going on up on stage, you could end up with damage to your laptop, or a broken cable.

I recommend an audio interface. They'll have more output options, higher quality sound , and you have the added benefit of being able to run lower latency and true ASIO while taking some of the processing burden off the computer's CPU. I use an E-MU 0404 USB 2.0, but I can't really recommend this one as it's given me lots of problems with MIDI not going through to the computer, as well as with the sound card getting "stuck" open so it can't be used in other programs. Very frustrating.

ZenChat / Re: Our Brother, Tom Roady
« on: December 08, 2011, 12:29:23 PM »
Blessed are we of the Internet age, that we can mourn a man we have never met or spoken a word to, yet know so much about them from the light they leave behind.

Rest in peace, Mayor. I didn't know you personally, but from this forum in the year or so I've been reading it, I got a good idea of who you were in life and how you will live on in eternity. The tribe lost a good man.

Tech Help / Re: MIDIJet Wireless MIDI lag time
« on: November 25, 2011, 08:28:38 PM »
Empirical testing complete! (well, as empirical as I can get, anyway)

Test conditions:

Dell 1747 laptop, i7 Q720 quad-core processor, 8gb DDR3 1333MHz RAM, 2 SATA 500gb hard drives @5200 RPM (I'm assuming the HD speed)
E-MU 0404 USB 2.0 Audio Interface
Cakewalk UM-1G USB MIDI Interface
Behringer MX 802A Mixer

FL Studio 10.0.8
Battery 3

1) Fully Wireless, Monitors
2) Fully Wireless, Headphones
3) Wired via USB MIDI, Monitors
4) Wired & Wireless simultaneously (via MIDI in on audio interface and MIDI in from UM-1G), Monitors


1 & 2: There was no difference I was able to hear between my Mackie monitors (about 3' away from my ears) and a pair of wired headphones.

1 & 3: There was a definite snappiness to #3 that #1 lacked in an incredibly slight amount. It seems wired is definitely a hair more responsive than via the MIDIJet Pro. I would have to guess that this is normal, given that (I assume) there's a larger amount of processing that has to be done to transmit the signal wirelessly. However, Inspector, if you think it could be a technical issue, let me know. I'm open to suggestions.

4: This seemed to corroborate my findings with 1 & 3. I activated both MIDI inputs via FL Studio and when striking pads in Battery 3, rather than one solid drum sound, I could hear that the attack was rough-sounding and clicky from the two hits occurring minutely apart. Also, longer drum sounds seemed to create an "out of tune" sounding effect since the sample was not playing at the exact same point between the two inputs.

So what's all this mean? Not sure. My ASIO latency was set at 6ms, so I turned it down to 4. I tried different drums to make sure it wasn't an issue with the attack settings in Battery 3. My personal opinion is that the delay is so minute that it won't cause an issue, but again, I have to look to you more experienced tribesmen to tell me if it's something to worry about when playing with a band, and to you, Inspector, if you think it's a technical issue. I don't see what could have gone wrong though to create such a delay...with no moving parts, I would assume any technical issues would result in complete failure rather than the addition of a tiny delay.

Tech Help / Re: MIDIJet Wireless MIDI lag time
« on: November 25, 2011, 01:06:22 PM »
Hey Inspector,
I would have to guess that the latency, whatever it is, is probably not a technical issue. I talked with one of my bandmates who is very knowledgeable with electronics and MIDI, and he said it's very probably just a tiny delay caused in processing the wireless transmission, coupled with the standard ASIO sound card delay. The problem I have when deciding how much of a concern it is, is that I know I'm sensitive to such things (I can see CRT TV screens flickering and so on), so would the average person listening or playing with me also notice? I'm starting to think not. I think it's just something I need to get used to... I am doubting whether or not a 128th note would be a major issue for anyone. Even my drum training software marks anything less than a 64th note off as "perfect".

I'm sure it could also be a delay in the 3 feet or so between my ears and my monitors when I'm practicing at my studio desk. Sound waves are nowhere near as fast as radio waves, and it's such a small delay that I could just
I'll give it a test with headphones on tonight and see if I notice any difference. When playing live, I'll have in-ear monitors so it's not going to be an issue there.

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