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Tech Help / Re: BFD - Laptop compatability issues
« on: March 06, 2012, 01:20:53 PM »
Another thing you might try, which is a free download is "ASIO4ALL" it turns your PC sound card into an ASIO driver, it works well. than a cable style USB MIDI interface. I have a Yamaha one that works well.

ZenChat / Re: MB Pro a new beginning
« on: March 10, 2011, 06:02:06 AM »

To satisfy the curiosity of the audio/power line, a guitar player friend of mine came up with a "phantom power" system for guitar pedals using a TRS 1/4" cable. The TS part of the cable would be the unbalanced audio signal, with the RS part used for the 9VDC power. It works VERY WELL!!  If you google "P3 phantom power" you should find it. Have a nice day...

Greetings everyone. I am working on designing a pedal board to support my ZenRig. Included would be some kind of loop pedal (probably the Boss RC-50), a kick pedal with a Roland KD-7 trigger, possibly a "hyper-drive" kick pedal, and either the Roland hi-hat pedal OR... I was considering using a keyboard damper pedal with a TRS connector since a hi-hat control pedal uses the same connection. Has anyone had luck with this?  I am asking because I am going to use my Alesis DM-PRO to serve as the "control outlet" for the pedals which would go to BFD2 via MIDI. This will allow me to keep the Zendrum wireless with the Midi-Jet Pro.

I have also been trying to find the FATKAT pedals with no success. This includes going to the Alternate Mode website as well. Just trying to figurebout a way to maximize space. This whole set-up will incorporate a minimum of an 8 pair cable, though it may wind up being a 12 pair.  This multi-pair would support the audio (both directions) for the loop pedal, exteral drum triggers, power for the loop pedal, midi, etc.

Here is the possible choices for multi-pair configurations...

8/9/12 pair cable
1. Trig 1, TRS - Hat - (2) 1/4" TRS male
2. Trig 2, TRS - Kick - (2) 1/4" TRS male
3. Trig 3, TRS - Extra kick/Foot - (2) 1/4" TS Female jack
4. Aud 1 L & R In TRS - (2) 1/4" TS female jack
5. Aud 2 L & R Out TRS - (2) 1/4" TS female jack
6. Aud 3 TRS - L & R Spare/Mic - (2) 1/4" TS & XLR female
7. Aud 4/Power 9 VDC - TS, Aud4/Trig4 RS 9VDC Pwr
or PS3 power distro 
8. Midi 1 - 5p din (to include switchable Zen Pwr)
9. Midi 2 - 5p din 
10. Spare for trigger/MIDI/Audio
11. Spare for trigger/MIDI/Audio
12. Spare for trigger/MIDI/Audio

Tech Help / Re: Want to be able to power my Zendrum with a battery box....
« on: February 15, 2011, 09:08:32 PM »
So what is the actual power requirement for the Zendrum? The web site says, 12VDC, but the merge bricks use a 9 volt battery. And what is the current draw? Many thanks.

ZenChat / ASIO 4 ALL...
« on: February 14, 2011, 12:34:46 PM »
I was trying to figure out another way to run virtual instruments and BFD2. I currently use an M-Audio "fast track pro" for BFD2. I wanted another audio source and the internal "laptop sound" was obviously having latency issues. So what to do? I was at the "local music store" and one of the sales folks told me about "ASIO4ALL"  It turns your PC Sound card into an ASIO driver, and it WORKS GREAT!!  Now BFD2 will run on the M-Audio box and the virtual instruments through a VST host routing thru ASIO4ALL. It works VERY GOOD!  As far as the midi side of things, I will use a MIDI merge box into the M-Audio box for the midi routing. I have a few other thiings in the works, which I wil share with you all in a few. Hope all is well the the land of ZEN! Until next time...

ZenChat / Re: Taking a ZenDrum on a plane
« on: February 14, 2011, 12:24:45 PM »
Hello, my travel experience with the Zendrum has been good. MAKE SURE YOU LABEL THE CASE SOMETHING LIKE THIS. "FRAGILE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT" PUT IT ON ALL SIDES OF THE CASE. Another handy bit of info. a "short depth" 4 space rack WILL fit in the over head compartment of most commercial planes.

ZenChat / Re: Where do you live?
« on: February 14, 2011, 12:22:10 PM »
Frederick, Md. here. I am about an hour or so north of Washington, DC

Tech Help / Re: PCI Express Firewire cards and BFD 2.0
« on: October 09, 2010, 06:10:16 PM »
John, my appologies for the confusion. The laptop has a 300+ GB hard drive that is partitioned in half. Another question for you. Any reason I would be hearing "computer noise " only when using BFD?

My definition of noise would static type noise I.e. when the drive spins, etc. Thanks,  Mark

Tech Help / Re: PCI Express Firewire cards and BFD 2.0
« on: October 05, 2010, 09:46:07 AM »
John in this order, Zendrum, MIDI-Jet Pro (TX), MIDI-Jet Pro (RX), to M-Audio ProFire 610 via firewire cable to PCI Express card to Laptop.

Again when I first hooked it up and played out it worked GREAT.  I was working with the buffering settings and got things to work, but then afterwards the "audio" part stopped working, but the midi part still functioned. if I closed out BFD or any of the "virtual instruments" and re-opened the program it would work for a short period then stop working again. I could use the midi side of the ProFire and re-route the audio to the PC audio and that would work.

So... what was the quick fix you ask.... I went out and picked up a USB M-Audio interface (Fast Track Pro). WORKS LIKE A CHAMP!!  The only real inconvenience is that with this whole "ASIO" thing I can only run one thing (BFD, Virtual instrument) per interface. I am dedicationg the ASIO driver for BFD. Running a virtual instrument through the PC Audio out is ok, but finding a happy medium as far as "buffering" with virtusal instruments go is a pain in the ass and not reliable.  If you know something about the PCI Express card, etc. would love to hear about it, otherwise I will sell it. Until next time...

Tech Help / PCI Express Firewire cards and BFD 2.0
« on: October 02, 2010, 02:14:49 PM »
Ok boys and girls, it has been a LONG TIME since I have been here. Anyway, in the "World-o-Zen", I jumped on the Grenade and got BFD 2, and recently just got the BFD Percussion pack.  I am running the BFD Compliment on an ISUS "Gaming" laptop, with a 2.5 GHz Duo-Core processor, 4GB of RAM, using Windows 7 Professional.  I also got a M-Audio Pro-Fire 610 "firewire" audio/midi interface. for the sound and midi portion.

OK, so DAY ONE! I get everything loaded, set-up, hooked up, etc. LIFE IS REAL GOOD, I am saying to myself.... "Alesis DM-.....?"  the happy scale was an 8 out of 10. I rated it an 8 because I was hearing "computer noise" coming through the audio interface.  ANyway, I got past it and went and did a gig, which went VERY WELL. Also did a  rehearsal or two after that was things were ok. The other thing is I also have virtual instruments loaded on this, and there was NO NOISE at all coming from the interface.

Ok so recently I purchased BFD Percussion, for an upcoming gig I am doing. I set everything up at rehearsal, and as I hit triggers I hear conga/snap/crackle/etc.  after getting it home I started checking the "buffering rates" and I noticed some improvements, though after a short period of time, the audio would completely cut out and I would lose MIDI control. If I switched the audio to the speakers on the PC, and left the MIDI control with the PRO-Fire, it would work again. I would then close BFD and re-open the program again, and the same things would repeat themselves.

I am wondering if the PCI EXPRESS Firewire card is the issue? I am picking up another M-Audio USB module to see if this fixes the prolem, which I am hoping it does. Any feedback from the masses would be appreciated. thanks, again, hope everyone is doing good. Until next time...

ZenChat / Re: Traveling with the Zendrum
« on: October 31, 2007, 04:59:15 AM »
Just jump on the grenade and get one. Just as good for around town

ZenChat / Re: Traveling with the Zendrum
« on: October 30, 2007, 07:20:32 AM »
Hey Ghostman. Interesting info about the custom cutting. However, if you pick up one of those "hobby knives" . that kind that you can snap the blade off when it gets dull. Those should be more than sharp enough.  I carefully traced mine out with a sharpie and it worked out fine. I also was able to cut places for my MIDI JET PRO, Battery box, and  I cut both pieces of foam (deep pocket concept) for the Strap, cables, etc.  If they are willing to do it, and it is not going to kill you price wise, GREAT.   I will work on getting pics posted. The only think I think I will wind up doing is gluing the two pieces of foam together so the top piece does not scome out when I take out the Zen. Outside of that the CASE ROCKS!!

ZenChat / Re: Traveling with the Zendrum
« on: October 18, 2007, 04:53:47 PM »
Hello John, Thanks for the reminder about rack depth. Yes the gigs went very well and a good time was had by all.   I was dubbed with the nick name of "button boy" as a result of the zen triggers. This knick name has traveled with me across the US since a show in New Hampshire last year.  I was also asked once again.... "WHAT IS THAT THING YOUR PLAYING??" All good stuff, take care and stay safe, Mark.

Tech Help / Re: Amplifier Reccomendation
« on: October 18, 2007, 12:18:57 PM »
Hello all, I use a pair of Mackie S500's 1 15" and a horn per box, powered by a Mackie S808 Stereo powerred mixer which ROCKS! A bit akward sometimes, but it sounds GREAT

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